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  1. Mike G

    Sync 4 Issues-Awareness of Solutions Being Developed

    There are a few takeaways from this. 1) Obviously they know there are problems. 2) If you take your car in for any of the listed symptoms, the tech should consult GSB 23-7146 to compare it to what version your car is currently running to ensure they know what the target revision level is. 3)...
  2. Mike G

    Optional Product Improvement Program 21G01 (BlueCruise) -EXTENDED

    If you now own a '21 model Mach-E equipped with Ford Co-Pilot360™ Active 2.0 Prep Package (Includes Ford BlueCruise Prep Kit)...but it was never properly updated to be functional, that update program has now been extended out to December of 2024. And before anyone asks, if it was functional, but...
  3. Mike G

    '22/'23 MY Instrument Panel Harvest/Survey Program 23H05

    For 22/23 model year MME's with build dates July 23, 2022 through November 26, 2022. This concerns the possibility of your IPC not properly recording the mileage, and the need to be replaced with a new IPC. Owner letters for those involved will be sent the week of 16 Oct 23. The program will...
  4. Mike G

    Buying a previously owned Mach-E from a non-Ford dealer

    An issue came to my attention when trying to assist a forum member who's not been able to get any OTA software updates. The member purchased a used '22 model from a dealership that is not a Ford dealership. In trying to diagnose why the car was not receiving updates, and after a check of PTS...
  5. Mike G

    6 GTs and a Lightning roll in.

    My dealer has decided not to be an EV dealer after the Dec 31st deadline. Couldn't get allocations for the 49 people reservation list they had for Lightnings (I was the first on the list in the first wave) . So I was their only reservation holder who took delivery last year. I was one of only...
  6. Mike G

    I guess now might be a good time to buy used.

    Saw this on Ford Authority. Used EV Prices down 28% year over year.
  7. Mike G

    Refresh95...Umm, say what now?

    Saw this on a '23 window sticker so I checked on some others and it's there as well. Anybody know what this is?
  8. Mike G

    DIY: Key Fob with Frunk Button !

    This has been tested using a '21 build date Job 1 car that's up-to-date to include the most recent BCM and GFM updates which enable the frunk to be opened using the door keypad. I purchased a Lightning key fob (PN NL3T-15K601-EC or Ford 164R8304) and using the two key fobs I already had...
  9. Mike G

    Double-Secret Updates - You're Just "Little People"

    So OTAs come out, most recently the one for the GT-PE (2.8.2 I think)..and what does that do for the customer? Oh, little things, you know...stuff. And that's by no means all...what about the OBCC update from earlier this week? What was that supposed to correct or enhance? The list goes on...
  10. Mike G

    Optional Product Improvement Program 21G01 Expiration

    Was reviewing one of the letters I got from Ford on Program 21G01 and thought I'd let folks know that the program expires 30 September 2022. What this means is that your dealer techs are getting paid under this program to install BlueCruise on 2021 "Job 1" vehicles that came from the factory...
  11. Mike G

    Built-in Wifi Hotspot on Export MMEs?

    Do export MMEs have the same WiFi hotspot that US versions have? If so, are they also 4G LTE? Are they locked to one carrier like the US versions are locked to AT&T are here, or can they change out thier SIM card to change carriers? Asking for a friend.... 😆 Mike