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  1. AlpaChino

    Navigation no longer beside speedometer?

    One of my favorite features has been the turn-by-turn directions appearing next to the speedometer. For the past month or so I've noticed that these directions are no longer appearing next to the speedometer, regardless if it's built-in navigation or Android Auto. I've also been having a ton...
  2. AlpaChino

    Sorry, FordPass isn't responding

    Suddenly today, after more than two years of connectivity to FP, the app is giving me "Sorry FordPass isn't responding" when looking at current charging progress. The rest of the app seems to function fine, but pulling up the charging details is causing this error. Before leaving for a longer...
  3. AlpaChino

    Model E Dealerships, on track to provide DCFC by Jan 1?

    The DCFC charging infrastructure in the northeast quadrant of my home state (IN) is pitiful. I was hoping that the Model E requirements of DCFC at participating dealerships to have their chargers up by Jan 1st 2024 would mean we would be seeing progress here. We haven't. My brother is a senior...
  4. AlpaChino

    Be careful what photos you are posting. Amazon seller stole my photo.

    Listed here: FREEMOTOR802 Compatible With 2021-2023 Ford Mustang Mach-E Trunk Spoiler, Gloss Black MID Rear Lip Spoiler Wing ABS Plastic Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene 3PCS Originally posted here...
  5. AlpaChino

    Electrify America stations "coming soon" now missing from app and website?

    It's no secret that DCFC availability in the Midwest is a barren godforsaken wasteland, especially in northeast Indiana. I check EA's "coming soon" map on a monthly basis hoping we see more activity in this state. I've noticed at least one "coming soon" station in Louisville KY is no longer on...
  6. AlpaChino

    Ford Customer Service claims no models built before 7/7/21 will see a frunk button in FordPass

    I recently had a few software updates applied at the dealer, including the BCM module. This added the electronic front release functionality with the door keypad (which I'm very thankful for), however the button on the Sync 4a screen is still greyed out. In the Fordpass app the frunk button is...
  7. AlpaChino

    Cracked grommet at rear windshield wiper

    Ever since I can remember, whenever the exterior of the car is wet from rain or a car wash, if I open the hatch I get a drip mark that goes on the inside of the rear glass down the middle. Doing some cleaning today I had a small bit of rubber fall into my hand when wiping around the rear wiper...
  8. AlpaChino

    Future battery tech vs. current prices

    I recently crossed the 30k mile mark and have kept my vehicle in relatively great shape (minus the low quality paint vs. Midwest roads). I could feel differently in the future, but as long as I can keep up with it I think I can hang onto this car for a very long time... Assuming battery...
  9. AlpaChino

    Rokblokz for Ruby, new mudflaps

    My AOSK mudflaps took some damage, and I wanted to continue building towards the rally/hot hatch look, so I figured I'd give Rokblokz a shot. With my 255's nearly the entire profile of the mudflaps is covered from the front. I haven't seen an impact on aero, aside from what my 20" wheels...
  10. AlpaChino

    New Teslatap 48amp alternative, Tesla to J1772 adapter

    ShockFlo J1772 EVs Adapter, Tesla to J1772 Adapter, Max 48A & 250V, Tesla Charger Adapter with Anti-Drop Lock, Compatible with Tesla High Powered Wall Connector, Destination Charger, Mobile Connector Note, similar to...
  11. AlpaChino

    This is probably overdue.

  12. AlpaChino

    My wife says I'm too aggressive on the accelerator. So we've compromised.

    Crofy 2 Pack Car Neck Pillow, Softness Car Headrest Pillow for Driving with Adjustable Strap, 100% Memory Foam and Breathable Removable Cover, Comfortable Ergonomic Design (Black Side Rope)
  13. AlpaChino

    2022 Volvo XC40 Recharge Impressions/Comparisons

    You can probably find a thousand review videos on YouTube. But while I have one in my possession for a second time as a rental while my own MME is awaiting a HVBJB replacement, I figured I would post some quick comparisons and observations. For reference, I'm comparing it to my 2021 MME 4x...
  14. AlpaChino

    L2 40a overheating

    I have a Grizzl-e EVSE with adjustable output between 16-32-40 amp settings, connected to a 50a breaker. I've used it at the 40amp setting for over a year with no issue. About a month or so ago I ran into multiple charging errors such as "scheduled charge did not begin" or "charging stopped"...
  15. AlpaChino

    🔥 PSA: AVOID 14-50 extensions! What you need to know.

    Before reading, please note that I recognize that I made dangerous assumptions and shortcuts that could have been disasterous. I'm sharing my learnings and shame here for your benefit. TL;DR: Don't use a 14-50 extension of any kind when other options are available, especially inside your home...
  16. AlpaChino

    I feel... Illuminated.

    For all of you waiting for your light up pony, let me just say this - it's worth it. Long story short, our resident innovator @supared was looking for a car to install a new lighted pony on and shoot an instructional video for the rest of the fellow Kickstarter backers. My job 1, 2021...
  17. AlpaChino

    Is anyone else worried about replacing a battery pack in the future?

    Maybe it's just me, but I went into my MME considering it to be a car I'd have for at least 6 years. Within the first year of ownership I've put 19,500 miles on it. More miles than I was anticipating at this point, but I have no regrets. It's been a great car for me and my family. I caught...