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  1. ChuckA

    Navigation System Not Loading

    About a month ago I began getting “navigation system not finished loading “ as the verbal response when I try to activate with the talk button. When I touch the home button and then select navigation, I can manually key in my destination. I already did the arrow-left, volume-down to reset...
  2. ChuckA

    BlueCruise Trial ending on v.1.2

    I was hoping to try v.1.3 before my free trial ends 12/31/23. Should the OTA for version 1.3 have been already downloaded? I can’t decide whether it’s worth renewing.
  3. ChuckA

    Please update in-vehicle settings to enable connectivity.

    I got this message after an OTA update and have no idea where on the display is the “setting” button. The MME isn’t connected to the Fordpass. My MME is a ‘21 Premium. Attached are pictures of the message and so-called instructions shown on Fordpass. Help please.
  4. ChuckA

    Financing Balloon after Ford Options

    Anyone refinance the Ford Options balloon payment through Ford Credit? What is your interest rate? In my contract (in CT), it reads like the interest rate will change but the payment amount stays the same. This makes the refinanced term less then 36 months.
  5. ChuckA

    Seat padding in MME Premium

    I’ve been having issues with the seat padding my MME Premium. Maybe it’s just me, but I get tailbone pain halfway through a 2 hour drive. Sitting on a gel pad helps but it isn’t resolved. I am 240# and sit up straight. Should I instead recline more?? BTW, this is a serious post. My Accord...
  6. ChuckA

    Learn How to Use Tire Inflator

    I’ve owned cars having no spare tire for many years but never used the tire inflator and sealant that comes with the cars. Today I had a flat on my Honda and it was easy to use but would have been difficult if I was on the side of a dark road trying to read instructions. 1) remove the thing...
  7. ChuckA

    Electrical System Drain Message

    I got the message below about Electrical System Drain twice in the last two days on both FordPass and a few seconds on starting the MME. The SOC% was what I expected and the car ran normally. Is this anything I should be concerned about? BTW, I don’t shave anything in the ob2 slot or anything...
  8. ChuckA

    Driving History of Mach E

    Under the charging tab is a category named “my EV driving” that appears to retain 30 days of driving history, It shows miles driven each trip, driving score and brake score. Any one know if this exists for the life of MME? It would be nice to see if an MME either was abused or out of service...
  9. ChuckA

    BlueCruise Stopped Working

    Is BlueCruise affected by Ford server outages? On Sunday I was driving from the Poconos to CT via I-80, I-287 & I-95, and it seemed that I was on Intelligent Cruise Control the whole trip but BlueCruise never worked. I had the dome but not the bubble. This was a return trip and BlueCruise...
  10. ChuckA

    Renewal of Blue Oval Charge Network & Navigation?

    Anyone know what these renewals will cost? While I understand a fee for continuing Navigation, I feel that the Blue Oval Charging Network should be a continued complimentary service to support sales of EV’s.
  11. ChuckA

    New fast charging stations in CT

    A company named AppleGreen Electric is building universal fast charging stations to be located in CT rest stops on I-95 and I-395. Two fast charging stations are operational I-95 southbound in the Madison CT rest area. I was passing by today and did a brief charge just to see if they work...
  12. ChuckA

    Ford called me about 21P22

    I’ve owned my ‘21 Premium AWD ER for 10 months. I got a call from Ford support last Thursday to tell me that 21G01 and 21P22 were available for install at the dealer. Got 2.8.2 and 2.8.3 via OTA. I have scheduled the install of 21p22 but was shocked that Ford called me.
  13. ChuckA

    Programming a JuiceBox EVSE

    I just set up my new JuiceBox32 with a time of day setting to test it. Although the FordPass Home location is set to max 90% SOC, the JuiceBox stopped charging at 82% SOC because it “reached maximum energy level”. When I turned off Time of Day it charged up to the 90%. Attached are...
  14. ChuckA

    Disappearing PaaK

    Twice today I saw the dreaded “set up Phone as a Key” message and my PaaK disappeared. Anyone know why this is happening? iOS 15.5 on iPhone XR
  15. ChuckA

    FordPass Screen going Black

    My FordPass screen is going black and I need to reboot my iPhone XR to recover. it’s on version iOS 15.4.1 and FordPass version 4.15. Is this a bug in FordPass or a memory/buffer problem with the phone?
  16. ChuckA

    How useful is wi-fi hotspot?

    I signed up for the wi-fi hotspot and I’m still in the 3 month free trial. I don’t know if it gives me anything I don’t already have. I don’t have anyone in the car using movie stream or entertainment. What benefit is wi-fi hotspot?
  17. ChuckA

    Journeys- how do I set it up?

    How do you turn on Driving Data>>Journeys in FordPass?
  18. ChuckA

    Adding New Charge Location

    I want to add my EA charge location so I can set the charging maximum to 90%. It presently defaults to 80%. On the console I go to charge locations, click on add new location, and nothing happens. Shouldn’t the keyboard come up so the location can be typed in. I tried it also after charging...
  19. ChuckA

    Windows and Mirrors not Working

    I just unplugged my MME from my charger and after backing out of the garage discovered the door controls for the mirrors and windows weren’t working. Shut the car off, restarted it. Still not working. Any suggestions about a fix?
  20. ChuckA

    FordPass charging log not working

    Around December 6th my FordPass app charging log stopped recording entries. Anyone know how to fix this?