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  1. Review by The Drive: Mach-E never got the memo about it being a crossover

    I wouldn't be getting this car if it wasn't a Mustang. I probably would have ended up with a Tesla Y. I really hate when people claim this isn't a Mustang. What's the definition? A quick, fast, sports car? To me, this is more of a Mustang than the ones with 4 cylinders.
  2. Demo Discounts ?

    I think there's enough demand that they can get away with not giving a discount. I was offered one from my dealer but I'd rather just wait for my car. I don't want to pay full price, or even a slightly discounted price, for what is really a used car. And remember for a demo car to get $4000...
  3. Order to Build Date Timeframe

    I ordered 12/18/21 and just received my build date today for the week of 5/17. Yes I do wish there was a little more detail. Now that I have a build date when should I expect production to end? When will it ship? When will the dealer receive it? Just estimates would be nice. I'm just impatient.
  4. how long to get build date from ford

    Now that I say this I just got an email today that says my build date is the week of 5/16/21!
  5. how long to get build date from ford

    I ordered 12/18/20 and no build date. My dealer has a demo that I test drove the other day. I'm really thinking about purchasing that one and canceling my order.