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  1. I got STRIPES!!

    Looks good not sure I would have done above the hatch, but I like it!
  2. So a MME Pulls Into A Speedway ...

    Cool, except for you calling it a Mustang :) hahaha
  3. Just to give us HOPE!

    Honestly with them hitting dealers, you may find one in your specs, keep looking.
  4. High miles at time of delivery.

    Mine was 12.5.. Reference point, my Audi that I had custom ordered, was delivered to be me with 18 miles on it. So I think you are in the ballpark.
  5. Crazies On Parade! Tesla Fans Threaten Mach-E Owner

    It's a cult.. You wonder why Elon wants his own town/city..
  6. Rejected My Premium ER AWD - QA Issues

    Just formerly refused mine as well. If those seals were good when they left the factory, then they have shrunk so badly in the couple months that it was in transit and waiting that its kind of scary. Sure I could probably buy it, lemon it in a few months and have a free car, but that's not my...
  7. Ford is paying attention to these forums! Customer Service reached out to me to offer help

    The premium AWD Extended i drove, felt under dampened to me. Not bouncy, harsh per say, but it felt like it needs a bit more dampening. It needs to handle the road bumps a bit better.
  8. 9 Months and 1 Day Later....

    Congrats. Since we had similar order dates, and exterior/int color and extended range (mine was AWD). Would you take a picture of both front corners of the pano with the seals? Just trying to gather data.
  9. Need your feedback, Mach E panel gap or not?

    Same pano seal issue I saw in mine, that may have been the same batch. They have an issue at the factory and hopefully they stop and fix it. I've started a dialogue with Ford on this. Now what about your rear weatherstripping on the drivers side, is it twisted?
  10. Rejected My Premium ER AWD - QA Issues

    Ford is looking into my issue, also with the pano. I've not said what I wanted to do with it, but I wouldn't want a dealer to fix it, but it seems like they have an issue at the factory that needs to be resolved.
  11. Change of heart from the #notamustang petition starter

    Still not a mustang.. Using a 2 door sport coupe name on a 4 door SUV is lame. I call it the mach-e, yes i'm aware that all the badging is mustang!
  12. Have you ever owned a Mustang

    I'm a chevy guy actually, but did have an 88 GT for a spell.
  13. Is this normal or poor workmanship?

    Hmm gaps looked okay to me around the car, but maybe I was hyper focused on the weather striping..
  14. It's finally here!

    Jealous no front plate holes.. However can you do me a favor and I'm not asking to ruin your experience. Can you take a picture of the rear hatch drivers side where the hatch meets the bumper. Interested in the weatherstripping Also take a picture of the front of the pano roof , driver and...
  15. Is this normal or poor workmanship?

    Yep driver side. So this IS an issue..
  16. [4th Update...Kinda] Wind noise from panoramic roof

    How does the weather-stripping seals look. here is one I drove/looked at today, was just delivered.
  17. AWD Motor whine

    Drove one for the first time today, premium awd extended battery and def low speed, whine, something in the motors for sure.
  18. Test drive of the Audi E-tron.

    It's a better "vehicle" but not the powertrain. That is why we passed on our First Edition reservation. Audi brought a vehicle to market that should have mopped the floor with Tesla. Because they have the best interiors in the business ( I own 2 Audis and have owned Audis since 2000). They are...
  19. Ford folks contact emails?

    I'd rather not tweet at them etc. I'd like to send them an email about some quality issues and concerns. Figured they can take action or not, but def an issue with the build Thanks