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  1. My brand new Mustang Mach E doesn’t run!!

    Yeah. They should pull a part off the line and overnight to to the dealer. That is the right way to handle this. It is hard to say there are no parts available when they are actively building the car.
  2. Why the Mustang Mach E is better than the Tesla Model Y

    This is probably just a game to get around the Canadian tax credits. They will sell an unlock after the fact to get the whole range and autopilot back.
  3. Are front and rear brakes different?

    Yeah those are floating calipers in the back...somewhat of a silly cost cutting move in what is marketed as a performance vehicle. I suppose it is better than the rear drums in the ID.4.
  4. US EV incentive rumored to increase to $10,000 [CLOSED DUE TO VIOLATION OF NO POLITICS RULES]

    When someone says "american made" they typically mean made in the United States. Technically all of North and South America are "America", but why would the government want to give preference to Mexican and Canadian made vehicles...that would make no sense. The government can not give give...
  5. Test drive of the Audi E-tron.

    The E tron was somewhat of a place holder for them to get into the market because they needed EVs in the EU. E tron will be probably replaced by the Q6 etron which is supposed to be out in a couple years on a shared platform with the EV macan. The current pricing on the E trans is quite an...
  6. US EV incentive rumored to increase to $10,000 [CLOSED DUE TO VIOLATION OF NO POLITICS RULES]

    They won't be able to get these types of pie in the sky proposals through. Joe Manchin will not vote for them as written. The best they can hope for is the $7500 for all manufacturers, and it looks like they will probably slip in an US manufactured requirement (which no politician will...
  7. Rear ended in Hit & Run

    I would recommend looking into a Deminished value claim if it is allowed in your state.
  8. What About Ceramic Coating?

    I would not recommend doing the glass. You should do a paint correction before applying ceramic to give it the best chance of lasting 3 or so years. Also be very careful applying and following the directions. Work with small areas at a time. If you leave a large amount of the coating in an...
  9. Ford is paying attention to these forums! Customer Service reached out to me to offer help

    The problem with the customer service surrounding this vehicle is that many of the dealers are upset about it, and are behaving passive-aggressively. They do not make as much off the Mach E as other vehicles, they have been marginalized by the sales process, and they know the servicing revenues...
  10. Ford's SUV Line-up

    The Mach E (and Model Y, e tron etc) are more of a hatchback than a SUV. They just don't have the ground clearance to be true SUVs, they are marketed as SUVs because people will pay more for a SUV vs a hatchback or station wagon.
  11. Out of Spec: Kyle’s first long trip in the MME

    I wouldn't count on them changing that charging curve...that is not a defect, it was intentionally programmed by Ford that way for some reason.
  12. Out of Spec: Kyle’s first long trip in the MME

    The big problem is not that these things happened, but that Ford has not fixed them. You say that the charging issue is affecting people with "out of compliance electricity" - the utility in some of these cases has determined the power is in spec, other EVs charge at these homes and presumably...
  13. Out of Spec: Kyle’s first long trip in the MME

    @kyle. What are your thoughts on the Mach e vs Etron. I am somewhat torn between the 2. The pricing with incentives is much closer than it would appear at the surface.
  14. ok, I give up, Model X it is

    Discounts depend on negotiating skills and the amount of competition. There are big discounts on the etron in the NYC area and California that bring the price closer to the mach e than one would expect, and the lease or a premium/convenience is actually lower than the Ford options payment. In...
  15. Out of Spec: Kyle’s first long trip in the MME

    Multiple reviewers (who are experienced with EVs) have said they have had issues charging the Mach E. There are a bunch of people on this forum who have not been able to charge their cars at home, in locations where other EVs have charged - this has been reported to Ford and they have done...
  16. Out of Spec: Kyle’s first long trip in the MME

    Build date is May 21. "Success with EA at least somewhat" is by definition a disaster...the DC fast charging has to be flawless, because that is essential for the proper functioning of the vehicle when people are driving longer distances from their homes.
  17. Out of Spec: Kyle’s first long trip in the MME

    The charging in this car is a complete disaster. The fast charging is extremely flaky, and some people can't even L2 charge in their homes. Other EVs to my knowledge do not have these issues. Ford has had plenty of time to fix these issues...if their testing teams even drove to a few EA...
  18. Test drive of the Audi E-tron.

    The pricing is very very compelling. I am getting offers for a Etron premium with convenience around 58K after incentives or a premium plus for around 63K. The Mach E ext awd I have on order is around $53100 after x plan/ford options rebate - assuming the dealer doesn't try to play games when...
  19. March 2021 and Q1 Mach-E U.S. Sales Stats

    Yeah. They are going to have big conquest numbers with the Mach E and Bronco. Hopefully they get the quality right and hold on to the customers.
  20. Anyone actually pay ADM?

    I would hope that no one is paying ADMs on a mass produced vehicle. These will be readily available once the dealers are able to order inventory.