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  1. MurphyDog

    Ugh... Water Spots!

    What brands do you like? I'm always up for trying new things.
  2. MurphyDog

    Ugh... Water Spots!

    I’m really obsessed with keeping my car in showroom condition. I do everything myself and I have really freaking hard water so water spots are something I’ve learned to deal with. This is what I use and it works great. It does take some some elbow grease, but it’s worth it. The best course of...
  3. MurphyDog

    Speed Limit sign detection - room for improvement

    I don’t believe you! It’s perfect. The car wants you to drive faster. (It was actually a 55mph zone)
  4. MurphyDog

    Comment by 'MurphyDog' in item 'Grabber Blue - First Edition'

    Wow thanks. I took it with my phone. I walked into my garage and noticed how cool the lights looked reflecting off the garage door.
  5. Grabber Blue - First Edition

    Grabber Blue - First Edition

  6. MurphyDog

    I got STRIPES!!

    Absolutely beautiful! I really want to put white stripes on my Grabber Blue. Wow, really great. Thanks for showing us.
  7. MurphyDog

    I Think I’ve Figured Out PaaK

    Friends of mine who have both an older Model S and a new Model 3 have had so much issues with paak (on the model 3) that they kept demanding Tesla give them a FOB. It took a while, but Tesla finally caved and gave them a FOB.
  8. MurphyDog

    I Think I’ve Figured Out PaaK

    So if you have some creeper following you in a parking lot back to your car, good luck getting in and locking the doors behind you quickly. Then hope you sure don't have to type in your backup code to be able to drive away. I have disabled paak as it seems like a huge step backwards in the...
  9. MurphyDog

    2022 Mach-E changes?

    Audio settings will be saved Paak v2.0 will work somewhat better than v1.0 Propulsion sounds will be user selectable from the complete set of Mustang engine sounds dating back to 1964 (excluding 1980-1993 because those were butt ugly) Full self driving, but it won't actually be full self driving...
  10. MurphyDog

    (Solved) Craigs front plate mount causing issues

    Craigs mount lowers the position of the plate from the factory location and it apparently intersects with the sensor area. Raising the plate up a bit fixed it.
  11. MurphyDog

    (Solved) Craigs front plate mount causing issues

    It keep setting off the proximity sensors, even when you aren’t close to anything.
  12. MurphyDog

    First fast charging experience- it was free!!

    Stopped by a couple more EA chargers. Everything worked 100% and I got nearly $50 in free charging.
  13. MurphyDog

    You've had yours for a while. Now show your favorite Mach-E picture(S) so far.

    Haven’t done a real shoot yet, but grabbed these this weekend.
  14. MurphyDog

    First fast charging experience- it was free!!

    What brand of charger were they? I only see the ElectrifyAmerica chargers listed as free on Apple Maps. I definitely was not charged anything and my balance is still 250kw.
  15. MurphyDog

    First fast charging experience- it was free!!

    Nope. Apparently all the EA fast chargers are listed as Free in the Bay Area. I don’t understand why and I can’t find any information on it.
  16. MurphyDog

    First fast charging experience- it was free!!

    I have Plug and charge all setup. All I did was pull up, plug in and it said Hello Free and started to charge. It quickly ramped up to 123kw and then we walked away. The Ford Pass app sent me a notification when it reached 80%.
  17. MurphyDog

    First fast charging experience- it was free!!

    I’m in Sacramento, California and I just had my first Electrify America experience. Found the chargers using Apple Maps and it said it was free, but the Ford Pass app and EA app said 0.43 per kWh. We stopped by and everything worked flawlessly. Charged from 37% to 88% while we had coffee...
  18. MurphyDog

    GRABBER BLUE Mach-E Club

    Got to do some wine tasting with my love. My girlfriend also came along.
  19. MurphyDog

    Front license plate brackets

    Agreed. Sad that he never tested it and I don’t believe only two of us are having problems with it. It’s a great bracket, I certainly hope he tweaks it to make it work and stops selling the current version. I’m happy with my fix. It works and looks better than the original.