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  1. SPACE WHITE Mach-E Club

    I agree with you. I love the space white, but I got the dark interior. Every fleck of dust is easy to see. I thought the dark color would hide dirt more, now I wish I went light. First world problems.
  2. Video: how to dim ambient lighting in Mach-E

    I got two little girls, there was no other option even close to acceptable. This is an awesome find. It's fun to think there are more things to learn even after you feel like you know it all.
  3. My speedometer is broken...

    I agree, and maybe I'll have to use. Right now, I'm just having too much fun. My kids absolutely love pushing the buttons to open the doors and always ask me to "blast off" from stop lights. At this point, I'm banking on one ticket as a sunk cost for the summer.
  4. My speedometer is broken...

    Right?!? I've gotten one ticket in 22 years, so it's not like I'm constantly pushing it. It's just that it's not even close with the Mach E. When I get pulled over, it's going to be for going 30 over and I'm not proud of that.
  5. My speedometer is broken...

    Anybody else feel like their speedometer isn't working properly? I'm barely accelerating and I'm already at 45 mph in a 30. It's really frustrating to have to slow down to this speed when it's clear my speedometer is the problem (plenty of sarcasm here). But for real, what's the over under...
  6. Has anyone waiting on a build date receive any communication from Ford?

    Hopefully ford realizes this is an area where simple improvements can make a world of difference. When you put a deposit down, the following SHOULD happen: 1. Immediate email confirmation and build date queue number, similar to the waiting list for season tickets for professional teams...
  7. The Build Week 1/24/2021 Club

    Take this with a grain of salt, but figured it might help since we live close. My palsapp updated to March 18, Norfolk Southern, KC. That was the last update and the car arrived on April 6th at the dealer. What I found helpful was to write down all the VINs on your trip number. Then track...
  8. I got STRIPES!!

    Don't forget about the mustang decals on the calipers. That was my favorite addition.
  9. Battery Break In Question

    You could always reset your driving history to see if that changes anything.
  10. The Build Week 1/24/2021 Club

    I'm going to be that guy that parks at least one parking space away from everyone with hazard cones placed all around it to prevent anyone from getting too close. I also will not leave it alone in public for more than 10 min increments....
  11. Not able to see options incentives now(edit: its back and extended through 7/6/21)

    Found in a thread that you should go through the ordering process online and select financing before you check out. The detailed financing should show the discount for using ford options based on your area code. I'm $1,000 :(
  12. The Build Week 1/24/2021 Club

    You're just south of me. I'm at Arlington heights ford. My "ship to delivery" timeline was 67 days. I figured the Chicago suburbs would have plenty of these vehicles ordered, but I guess I was wrong. In the first 4 months of 2021, this dealer has had 4 MMEs come in, including mine...
  13. The Build Week 1/24/2021 Club

    This makes a lot of sense to what I saw. My dealer is low volume and I'm guessing they just didn't have enough product to make the trip worth it. When I got to the dealer yesterday, it was right at open and there were four dirty cars lined up from delivery. Only mine was a MME. It sucks...
  14. Not able to see options incentives now(edit: its back and extended through 7/6/21)

    I'd like to know as well. Not seeing mention of it on the ford site.
  15. The Build Week 1/24/2021 Club

    Although I'm still very disappointed in how long it took the car to get to my dealer, I wanted to close the loop with the readers of this thread to let you all know mine hit the lot this morning. Recall my new delivery date was 5/5, so another case of a BS delivery date. I noticed earlier...
  16. Rear ended in Hit & Run

    Very glad our most famous mach E couple is okay! Did you clock your 0-60 when you went to pursue? I hear the car accelerates faster when it is PISSED!!!
  17. Rejected My Premium ER AWD - QA Issues

    Crazy to think yours was on its way back to Mexico or some crap of you hadn't intervened.
  18. The Build Week 1/24/2021 Club

    Congratulations! Although personally disappointed to lose a comrade, it's great to see them roll in.
  19. The Build Week 1/24/2021 Club

    When you're done with him, tell him I've got next!
  20. The Build Week 1/24/2021 Club

    Doesn't hurt to ask. Might be somebody else's reservation.