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  1. Tampamike

    First road trip

    Stopped and grabbed a burger and hit the EA Charger at Walmart in Newburgh. P&C worked perfectly. Started at 123 KW and ramped down. Took 43 minutes to get from 7% to 80%. I gambled a little, but the stripes pulled me through. It’s been a good day. Just curious - on your perfect EA P&C, did...
  2. Tampamike

    Setting charge % limit

    I found that when selecting “charge when plugged in” under my saved locations, it ignored the set charge level and charged to 100%. You should select “Use preferred charge settings” instead under your “home“ location, then set the level and either set a time period or select “Anytime.” Then...
  3. Tampamike

    Charging Port Door Issue

    Happened to me once driving through a parking lot. Don’t have any idea why.
  4. Tampamike

    Wi-fi connection issue - Solved allowing WPA

    So, mine will connect to my home network which has a hidden network SSID. Then, the next time it returns to the garage, it won’t. I get a little WIFI symbol with an “I” in it. Is anybody else having that problem - with a hidden network?
  5. Tampamike

    long delay on the driver's door touch to lock?

    So, to lock the door from the outside, don’t touch the raised symbol in the shape of a lock; touch the small (smaller than finger-tip) size, unlabeled black area between said symbol and the circular unlock button. Genius! They had me at hello. Mine works. I just didn’t know it.
  6. Tampamike

    Submit Your FordPass App Feedback to Ford

    Hmm. Other apps don’t seem to have a problem with it. Sounds like a weak excuse for poor programming? 😉
  7. Tampamike

    Submit Your FordPass App Feedback to Ford

    I still wish they would fix dynamic text sizing. I need cheaters to read anything, so I increased the text size on my iPhone so I can squint hard and maybe read a text Without them. The FordPass app doesn’t deal with that well. The text gets all overlapped and difficult to read without resizing...
  8. Tampamike

    long delay on the driver's door touch to lock?

    Mine too. I've only seen it work maybe once or twice. I'm thinking that maybe it is tied into the walk away lock feature, i.e, it disables that button? Just spit-balling.
  9. Tampamike

    Need another

    Wait for a GT?
  10. Tampamike

    My (good) first impression using Electrify America fast charging for the first time

    Just curious, which level charger did you use? 350 ccs or 150 ccs?
  11. Tampamike

    Fun With Ponies - How Many Mustang Logos Do You Count?

    Unde the one in the charging door - “Horsepower”
  12. Tampamike

    I can't seem to tell FordPass to charge the car to 100% anymore

    I had that same issue the last time I charged. I went in to the “manage charge” settings and plowed through til the last one. It seemed kind of redundant but now it works. Previously, I just clicked the radio button “charge when plugged in” under my saved location of “home.” Even though I told...
  13. Tampamike

    Any way to turn off the main screen?

    That’s a great tip! How did you figure that out?
  14. Tampamike

    Any way to turn off the main screen?

    But don’t those cards just keep getting displaced by the most recent items? That was one of my feedback items with my Ford tour guide - that I should be able to make permanent cards instead of them being ever-variable.
  15. Tampamike

    Any way to turn off the main screen?

    It should be an always-present icon at the top of the screen. There should also be an always-present zoom in and zoom out button on the map. IMHO.
  16. Tampamike

    DC Charging

    I haven’t had much luck with them. I seem to always get an error about 30 seconds after it sounds like it’s starting up. That’s using P+C. The 150’s always work.
  17. Tampamike

    Guided Virtual Tour

    I did. The technician was as nice as could be but it was her first one. She wasn’t the technical expert that I was hoping for. There was a lot of looking things up. I did offer a lot of feedback which she listened to and was receptive to. Overall, it wasn’t a big learning opportunity but I feel...
  18. Tampamike

    Kilowatts: 1 Month Review Mustang Mach-E

    "luxury SUV" "smooth ride" And, he had no problems with P&C! It's not a Mustang sports car. It's not as good as a Tesla Y - but, he still loved it for what it is. Kind of like Yelp reviews - Loved it!, Hated it! Your opinion may differ.