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  1. americanflannel

    Charge to 100% is back in the app

    Mine shows charging but I lost the side view of the car and it’s back to 3/4 shot. :)
  2. americanflannel

    Wi-fi connection issue - Solved allowing WPA

    I can't get it to connect either via my UniFi access point network or the stand alone Verizon FIOS router on LAN2 of a USG. Like even if I turn off authentication on both, it won't work. And DNS is kind'a stock on both though I assume the FIOS os getting dhcp settings from the USG so that might...
  3. americanflannel

    Aaaaaaat Last!!

    I got the same notification, as far I can tell it doesn't tell me.
  4. americanflannel

    2022 Mach-E changes?

    I would think about trading in the future for ventilated seats (Active cooling) and a heat pump. Living in VA we get cold enough and hot enough that those things would help my grumbling in half the year (with the exception of the one week of spring and fall we get)
  5. americanflannel

    Regrets on Standard Range or RWD?

    Someone the other day said Camrys have a 5.5 second 0-60 second. I looked it up and it's like wow... even base models are that quick. Cars are stupid fast now, I mean reviews against the Y says the Mustang is slower like that's a bad thing. 5.5, 4.5 it's all the same until you are at 3.5... and...
  6. americanflannel

    "Ford Options" Mach-E Lease vs standard lease - similarities and differences

    Then they completely lied in addition to overstating all the numbers when they financed me. (Which is believable since they overstated the payments by 75 dollars a month) when I have a chance I will look at the paperwork to see what it says. edit: you are correct two different Ford dealers...
  7. americanflannel

    "Ford Options" Mach-E Lease vs standard lease - similarities and differences

    Options isn't a traditional loan, it's more like a lease where you retain "ownership" for tax reasons. They clearly outline how much interest you are paying in a dollar figure and you are signing to say you will pay exactly that much regardless of when you pay it off. Then there is the ballon...
  8. americanflannel

    "Ford Options" Mach-E Lease vs standard lease - similarities and differences

    Remember on early pay off on options, you are paying fixed apr (mine is %2.x) on a set amount (30k? I think in my case) no matter if you pay it off on day one or payment 48 (the balloon payment on a 48 month plan) So paying it off by refinancing means you are double paying interest on that...
  9. americanflannel

    Scheduled departure vs. Remote start

    If you are using charge time windows, you could be outside your charging time (it just completely shuts down the power coming in when the window is over). The whole thing is a little screwy right now - my car for example doesn't care about my max charge settings and just keeps charging past 90%.
  10. americanflannel

    Mach-E AWD vs Tesla Model 3 AWD vs XXXX ?

    I wanted a Polestar 2 forever... but I can not buy a car unless I have touched and drove the one I am going to buy. Cars aren't to the point that they are 100% identical off the assembly line right? Especially on a first year model. I signed up for the Polestar mailing list with the 1 (which...
  11. americanflannel

    Rear wiper blade - longer replacement?

    Just came to say the new Bronco Sport ALSO has an incredibly tiny rear wiper. I wonder what the fascination with putting these on new models is?
  12. americanflannel

    Shopping for a Mach E is not easy- Yet.

    I feel your pain , I wanted an infinite blue one and settled for red. There are a surprising number available in Va esp. if you want a select or rwd. Mine was in the lot best I can tell ~21 days and I even waited a week between the test drive and sulking back to buy it after admitting defeat on...
  13. americanflannel

    Test drive VW/Mach-E

    Good description.
  14. americanflannel

    I feel so defeated

    Just to wallow in more misery, my replacement charger that I waited extra days for because of the 14-30 plug shipped with a 6-50 plug. FML. Now it's battery zapping cold outside and I am going to have to go use the DC fast charger AGAIN for the third time in the first week I've owned this car...
  15. americanflannel

    Difficulty setting the radio presets?

    Quick way around the bug is to either not use profiles, or quick swap between two profiles by quickly tapping the memory seat buttons from one that is not the one you want back to the one that you want to use. That fixes almost everything including the light settings not saving and the radio...
  16. americanflannel

    Enjoy your new car...

    I do have a car now. The avatar is a picture of my red car. And I possibly have a charging issue on 240, waiting for another charger to test it. Many people have a charging issue who live in Illinois if you read the charging forum. I do not live in Illinois but I know basic electricity and...
  17. americanflannel

    First OTA update for Mach-E coming March 18 tomorrow

    As in the built in Mustang connectivity or some sort of tether to the car from my cell phone? (I still can't get the wifi to connect to my network even going full old school router with open wifi)
  18. americanflannel

    Instrument cluster navigation directions from CarPlay?

    The ID4 also has CarPlay navigation arrows on the gauge cluster (from a jalopnick review today)