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  1. OldEVGuy

    April/May Build Dates

    Doesn’t seem to be much, if any, correlation to VIN. Ordered 12/13, build date is week of May 10, with VIN 273xx. No update yet, but I’m concerned about the chip shortage.
  2. OldEVGuy

    Reply from Electrify America

    I was talking to my son about having fast charging at rest areas. He’s a Project Engineer, who works in this space of EV charging infrastructure. He was saying, in addition to the lack of power at rest areas for DCFC, most states have laws forbidding the sale of services/products at state owned...
  3. OldEVGuy

    Any early adopters with buyer remorse?

    It’s very reassuring to read these posts. The majority of you have no regrets, and are affirming my decision to order the MME. I’ve had my concerns, and have been torn whether I should jump ship, and find another EV. Barring further delays from chip shortages, I’m anxiously waiting delivery in...
  4. OldEVGuy

    Poll: Ford Options vs Finance

    And here In Central Ohio, it‘s $1000.
  5. OldEVGuy

    Thread for people who haven't gotten their Mach-E's yet to be grumpy in

    I was getting anxious, so I decided to checkout the inventory on I found one in Michigan, just like the one I ordered, except it’s blue, instead of white. I used the VIN to track it, and saw it was in transit. I emailed the Internet Representative to see if it would be available to...
  6. OldEVGuy

    Need Help with an electrical issue, please.

    Where I live, code requires GFCI to pass inspection. I asked Enel-X about it, before having a JuiceBox 40 installed last year. Here’s the response I received: We understand certain state electrical codes require GFCI breakers so the JuiceBox can operate with these types of breakers. We simply...
  7. OldEVGuy

    My reservation no longer has a build date

    I was using Safari. I tried Chrome, and it now shows up. Thanks!
  8. OldEVGuy

    My reservation no longer has a build date

    I received the email on 2/18 saying mine was going to be built the week of May 10th. When I go to to check my order status, it has never shown a bulld date in the Scheduled for Production box.
  9. OldEVGuy

    March 2021 and Q1 Mach-E U.S. Sales Stats

    I wonder if the chip shortage is the reason for the drop in sales for March? It makes me nervous that cars scheduled for the next few months will be delayed.
  10. OldEVGuy

    Reply from Electrify America

    In Ohio, one problem with having DC fast charging at rest areas, is the lack of adequate power at many of these locations. I imagine this is the case for most states.
  11. OldEVGuy

    First Charge Point, now JuiceBox

    Did you check on the JuiceBox 40 directly on the enelx website? They sent one to me last week.
  12. OldEVGuy

    9 Months and 1 Day Later....

    Congratulations! Thanks for the nice write-up. With the size of Ricart Ford, it’s crazy, but not unexpected, they didn’t know how to deal with Options. I’m in Central Ohio also, and have an MME on order at Germain Ford. It’s scheduled to be built in mid-May, so I doubt if I’ll see it until...
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    The header on braking should be 60-0.
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    I wasn’t able to find data, from the same source, for all vehicles on your list. I couldn’t find any information on the XC40 Recharge. Here’s what I was able to find for 60-0 mph, along with the source: Mustang Mach-E = 109 ft. (Motor Trend) Tesla Model Y = 118 ft. (Motor Trend) Tesla Model...
  15. OldEVGuy

    Test drive of the Audi E-tron.

    I agree. My MME isn’t due to be built until the week of May 10th. If the chip shortage causes too much of a delay, I’ll probably get an etron.
  16. OldEVGuy

    Test drive of the Audi E-tron.

    Somehow, it seems Rivian has been able to do it, with a range of 300 miles. Of course, that’s not towing, but a very impressive vehicle anyway. I had one on order, until they decided they weren’t going to lease them.
  17. OldEVGuy

    First OTA update for Mach-E coming March 18 tomorrow

    That doesn’t look like the typical email format at Ford. Try [email protected]
  18. OldEVGuy

    It's finally here but surprise ADM nonsense [Update - see post 68]

    Someone posted these, in another thread, a few weeks ago. I imagine Mike Levine's and Emma Bergg's would be in the same format style as these. Jim Farley, CEO [email protected] Elena Ford, Chief Customer Experience Officer [email protected] Brad Brownell, Director, Customer Experience...
  19. OldEVGuy

    Arizona utility offers customers $1,000 rebate to switch to electric cars

    This could be helpful to those in Arizona. Arizona utility offers customers $1,000 rebate to switch to electric cars Michelle Lewis - Mar. 12th 2021 10:25 am ET Arizona utility Salt River...
  20. OldEVGuy

    First Mach-E hitch available - Torklift EcoHitch!

    Torklift has a function on the website to search for local installers.