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  1. Polestar 2 US price announced

    The car Robert reviewed had the optional Performance pack (an extra £5k in the UK) which adds sports suspension and larger wheels. The standard version is probably less firm.
  2. Polestar 2 US price announced

    The Polestar 2 is getting some decent reviews (Wired, What Car). I have to say the AWD Mach-E looks quite expensive in comparison. If the Polestar 2 wasn’t a made-in-China job, I would seriously consider it.
  3. Ford Announces Mach-E European Deliveries Delayed Until Early 2021 (No Delays For US Customers)

    Well, I hope someone gets their car in 2020. The only advantage for us in Europe is that we might get some owner feedback before we have to commit. Personally, I think I’m more likely to go for a Model 3 now.
  4. Mach-E order bank opens May 11, 2020 (Update: possibly delayed to June-July)

    I had hoped there would have been some independent reviews by now but with the virus intervention these will get pushed back even further. I may revisit the MM3 next year but for now, I‘ve cancelled my preorder. Hopefully, trade-in valuations will have improved by then as well
  5. UK Pricing Lowered For RWD Extended Range Mach-E, Qualifying Some Configurations For Tax Credit

    Mach-E - extended range, RWD - £49,980 (standard black colour, without grant) Tesla Model 3 - long range - £49,990 (standard white colour, without grant) There seems to be a pattern emerging here. :)
  6. UK PICG of £3500 for pre-orders prior to April 2020.

    It was only a pre-order so I would say the chances of a £3500 grant are zero. If the list price changes to <£50k then you would get £3000, else nothing. You won't pay the luxury tax in years 2-5 however.
  7. UK Customers

    In everyone’s favour hopefully. The inevitable delivery delay was the final straw for me.
  8. UK Customers

    Reluctantly, in view of the current crisis, I've cancelled my Mach-E pre-order. I decided, I wasn't going to place a firm order for the car without seeing some independent reviews or some hands-on experience. Neither of these is going to happen anytime soon. I'm going to wait until...

    The price of fuel in Europe is mainly tax of some sort or another so I’m not expecting a bit drop in view of the oil price. I think the stock market crash is going to have a much greater impact on peoples’ buying decisions. It’s too early to assess the affect of Covid-19 yet as it hasn’t...
  10. You asked the questions ... now get the answers (well some)

    Yes, it looks like the whole world is shutting down. I’ll be surprised if there are any deliveries in 2020.
  11. UK Customers

    Kia are just as bad regarding the UK market. For example, the e-Niro EV is only available in the UK in the highest spec version. As if electric cars aren’t expensive enough without piling on every option under the sun.
  12. UK Customers

    Thanks, but I have feeling a lot of the numbers, e.g. range haven’t been finalised yet.
  13. UK Customers

    Thanks for the update, that’s useful.. I‘m still happy with my spec but I’d like an update from Ford over final numbers (price, grant eligibility, range, performance). I was also hoping for some reviews before having to commit to a firm order but this doesn’t look like it’s going to happen...
  14. Is the Mach-E really 7 years behind Tesla?

    Country lanes in the UK are an example of continuous odd ball situations and I don't believe we'll see autonomous driving on those sort of roads for a very, very long time. There are some You Tube clips by 'Tesla Driver' which illustrate this. Tesla Driver
  15. EPA Range for Porsche Taycan is 201 Miles

    But if I had the money, I‘d buy the Porsche, then the Tesla and probably not the rest 😀
  16. UK Tax Incentives to continue on EVs to 2022/23

    So hopefully Ford can manage £191. In fact, they don’t have to lose it, just move it to the delivery charge so we can qualify for the grant on the LR RWD model.
  17. UK Tax Incentives to continue on EVs to 2022/23

    I'm definitely not begging! But, I do want the best bang for my pound\buck (delete as appropriate). Last week, the Mach-E extended, RWD was about the same price as a Tesla LR AWD M3. After the recent UK budget, the M3 is now more than £3000 cheaper for me because of a slight quirk in the...
  18. Coronavirus impact

  19. UK Tax Incentives to continue on EVs to 2022/23

    From the Tesla website: "The plug-in grant is a purchase subsidy of up to £3,000 which is deducted from the purchase price of eligible new Tesla vehicles. Vehicles with a list price under £50,000 before application of optional extras, delivery and registration charges are eligible." I assume...
  20. Coronavirus impact

    I thought this at first, then along came the small print specifying a 50k cap. The luxury tax has been scrapped but no grant for >50k list price cars