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  1. FordPass for Google Wear OS and Apple Watch?

    Does anyone know if FordPass will work on smart watches, like My Ford Mobile does? I love that I just tap my watch while getting last things together and when I get to my Ford Fusion Energi it is on and pre-conditioned. I know we will be able to do that on the app on our phone or program through...
  2. Maryland EV Incentive

    It looks like the $3K Maryland EV excise tax credit was allowed to expire. The credit has been underfunded for years (last year's credit was fully expended on the first day of the fiscal year paying out claims submitted from the prior year). The Governor had proposed doubling the size of the...
  3. Self-Driving Capability Timeline?

    Any news on timeframe for self-driving capabilities to be activated? i can imagine that the pandemic might potentially make it actually easier to complete the mapping and software development needed.
  4. Coronavirus impact

    Anyone hear anything about coronavirus impact? I have read that Ford has suspended all travel for its employees. Wondering at what point this would impact timing for production and delivery of Mach E?
  5. Auto wipers

    Will the Mach E have rain sensing automatic wipers?