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  1. benk016

    Speed Limit sign detection - room for improvement

    There is a section of highway on my commute to work. the speed limit is 65. Most people travel 75-80. But there is one area where the car drops to 45 every single time. And there is no speed limit sign anywhere that says 45 on it. I don't know where it gets that from. Other than that most of...
  2. benk016

    OTA Update 4/8/2021 - Have You Noticed What's Changed?

    Yes, its only there when you use the built in nav. It will either be miles to your destination, or miles to the next charger.
  3. benk016

    Bluetooth keeps dropping

    Thats definitely a weird one. 2 years ago I bought a brand new Edge ST. I had strange bluetooth issues like that. It took a few days to get my phone to even pair, and then once it was it worked once and never again. It would try to connect and then fail. The dealer ended up having to replace...
  4. benk016

    Ambient Light Missing in Settings

    You can edit asbuilt data. However, the problem is that no one knows what any of the values are to change. There are a ton more values on this car than any I've had before. This is an example of what the data looks like:
  5. benk016

    Ambient Light Missing in Settings

    If its anything like older vehicles, The software is the same for all cars. The AsBuilt data is basically a configuration file that tells the computer what the car is, and what options are installed. This is why you can make older sync units show the Lincoln theme, or enable software features...
  6. benk016

    No Rew/FF with SiriusXM?

    Yeah. I haven't figured out how any of the SXM stuff works in this car yet. Every time I turn it on, I turn it right back off because it sounds so bad. So far i've only seen the start over button as well. And it does work for music stations even if you change the station, which my previous cars...
  7. benk016

    No Rew/FF with SiriusXM?

    Typically on talk stations on SXM if you go back or "start over" it will rewind back to when the track data last changed. Which is either when they manually change it when they move to a new topic, or when it goes back to the show after a commercial break. All my previous cars, you had to...
  8. benk016

    I Think I’ve Figured Out PaaK

    My salesman said he was required by Ford to provide proof that we activated everything. He had to take a picture of it successfully activated. I don't know if the requirement was just management there, or actually from Ford though.
  9. benk016

    Bluetooth keeps dropping

    I have an S21 Ultra, and have PAAK setup. I use Wireless AA all the time. I have had it drop a few times and not want to re-connect. One thing to note, You can't have the Bluetooth connected, AND Android Auto at the same time. If android auto is running, it will kill the bluetooth connection...
  10. benk016

    Ambient Light Missing in Settings

    Sounds to me like your car may have gotten the wrong AsBuilt data programmed into it. This tells sync what features your car has or doesn't have. If you edit that you can enable things that weren't optioned on your car, or disable them.
  11. benk016

    Ford giving Mach-E owners additional 250kWh complimentary DC charging - total 500kWh

    So looks like I'm the only one so far that was only given 244kw instead of 250? I had a balance of 176kw, and after the credit I have 420kw.
  12. benk016

    Haven’t gotten my extra 250 kWh. You?

    I got the extra today as well. But they didn't give me 250 extra. They gave me 246kw extra? I have only used it twice. I went from 176kw available to 420kw available.
  13. benk016

    Galaxy S 20 owners?

    Also, if you do this, your PAAK will work much better. BUT, your phone battery will drain way way faster. So its a tradeoff.
  14. benk016

    Galaxy S 20 owners?

    I have an S21 Ultra. Have you went into the android settings and excluded fordpass from any battery optimization and kept it from being put to sleep? That is the main thing you have to do. If the app gets put to sleep, the Bluetooth connection dies with it and the car won't know it there until...
  15. benk016

    First OTA update for Mach-E coming March 18 tomorrow

    I believe that would be the indication that the car is connected back to Ford's servers.
  16. benk016

    PAAK - turn off app battery optimization on android

    Yep, This makes it so much more reliable. But, you will definitely notice battery drain on your phone. I sometimes have to charge twice during the day plus overnight now that I use PAAK.
  17. benk016

    Christmas in April!

    Got mine as well!
  18. benk016

    Trunk opened on its own and hit the garage door... Come on Ford!!!

    I think it was either Edges or Explorers at one point had an issue that just walking by the car would cause the back to open. There was a TSB for it. It seems like it was too sensitive and just movement close to the back bumper would trigger it.
  19. benk016

    Rear ended in Hit & Run

    The DV part was the one thing my insurance company wouldn't do at all. They told me If I wanted to, I could do it directly with the other insurance company. So you are all on your own. One thing I kept seeing was this formula to calculate DV, 17c or something like that. I found a full formula...
  20. benk016

    MachE is terrible at guessing where I am going... can I make it stop?

    There has been at least twice now, that this will pop up, and then start navigation to that destination without me doing anything. I've been driving and all the sudden it starts giving me directions. That's been a weird one. I've also had cruise control turn on randomly too. I think my MME might...