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  1. Is Ford taking cues from Mazda?

    I've noticed that too, almost same silhouette
  2. Maximum attained range awards

    230-240 with speeds between 60-80 with heater at 68
  3. Ford Pass Android workaround.

    To make Ford Pass work seamlessly on Android 1. Open apps section in settings 2. Disable battery optimization 3. Allow background activity Restart app, restart phone, see performance change now. If there is something similar for ios, try the same.
  4. You've had yours for a while. Now show your favorite Mach-E picture(S) so far.

    Here's mine. Let's give the people waiting more reasons to be excited.
  5. First Edition, Spring in Seattle

    First Edition, Spring in Seattle


    Spring in Seattle.
  7. Why would you by a charger?

    Yup. I get free charge point from my utility provider.
  8. Why would you by a charger?

    The U.S. federal tax credit gives individuals 30% off a ChargePoint Home EV charging station plus installation costs (up to $1,000). Buy and install by December 31, 2021 and claim the credit on your federal tax return.
  9. Why would you by a charger?

    My utility gives it for free :), and it allows for faster charging when you suddenly plan a trip and want to charge to 100% :D Installation charge of 240V is not eligible for tax credits if you do not install a charger (i could be wrong) so another incentive.
  10. Volta public charging stations?

    This charger is really slow, because its free. Will take hours to reach 80% if you are traveling. This is to be used if you are stopping on way to a trip to buy something from the stores, it will keep your passengers warm while adding a few miles, but not to be used to charge to continue on your...
  11. Volta public charging stations?

    Volta is free and J-1772 is level 2 charging, you'll get 20-25 miles an Hour.
  12. Mach-E stuck in snow, owners spend night in the car before they got help.

    D Did not expect to have snow there, but that snow is normal when we do have snow. Its just a bad part of the road that we were stuck in. In my 15 years of driving, never had any trouble in snow, this is not my first car you know :)
  13. All electric households

    Here in Seattle WA, 7500kwh grid, with an mme.
  14. DC Fast Charging Station question?

    Not true, that's the frog in a tesla well. Here's mine from yesterday on Electrify America charger from 26 to 80% in 30min. Unless it's a fast charger this won't happen. Some chargers at blink, evgo, chargepoint are only 50kwh max they take 2x longer than EA on an average.
  15. Mach-E stuck in snow, owners spend night in the car before they got help.

    Well, i was rationing the battery % to last the night, at 30F, with snow under the car, this is what was happening.
  16. Mach-E stuck in snow, owners spend night in the car before they got help.

    I felt it was not safe to go forward, so thought to stop and go back. but my bad luck is that i stopped where snow was deep. further up ahead i can see the asphalt on the tracks.
  17. Mach-E stuck in snow, owners spend night in the car before they got help.

    We had enough food, water and heat, it was like camping.