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  1. NormF

    Signature Wheels Mach-E Adventures

    Good idea to have a separate section for vendors.
  2. NormF

    Bike Rack Solution?

    Check out Stealth hitch, an elegant solution. They have installed a prototype unit on a Mach E and are working on production units. They have a 1.25 Option that should work well for a 2 bike rack. Call them and put your name on the list.
  3. NormF

    Electricfy Canada Experience

    Try using Petro Canada DC chargers. Their app, or credit card, works well and chargers output more than 100 Kw.
  4. NormF

    See My New Trailer Hitch? Installed Stealth Hitches

    Nice installation. i called Stealth and asked to be put on their list for a hitch with 1.25 receiver for a bike rack. Delivery date uncertain. I encourage other MME owners to call them if you need a hitch. More orders might encourage them to complete the final version.
  5. NormF

    ok, I give up, Model X it is

    Your money, your choice. But a really boring looking car. No style. Boring colors. Ordinary wheels. Ridiculous gullwing doors. Poor quality interior. Teslas are the Model T’s of the EV World.
  6. NormF

    Ford is paying attention to these forums! Customer Service reached out to me to offer help

    That’s good. Ford has a huge amount riding on the success of the MME. They are gambling the Mustang brand. The CEO has been personally championing the development (he appeared on Jay Leno’s Garage when it was announced.) “Failure is not an option”
  7. NormF

    See My New Trailer Hitch? Installed Stealth Hitches

    Looks awesome. Do you know if they plan to make a 1.25 for bike racks?
  8. NormF

    Rejected My Premium ER AWD - QA Issues

    Thanks for the heads up. My wife has exactly the same car arriving in 2 weeks. Now I am concerned and we will examine closely. I am surprised at Ford shipping something like this. I own a 2019 special edition Bullitt Mustang and have been really impressed with its quality. On the other hand, I...
  9. NormF

    Have you ever owned a Mustang

    2019 Bullitt anniversary special edition. (Love it for its old school muscle car driving experience.)
  10. NormF

    Test drive of the Audi E-tron.

    When I looked at the e-tron last year the NAV was terrible. Has it improved? And the cockpit felt like old Audi attached to an EV.
  11. NormF

    MME at Tesla (non-super) charge station

    Most Tesla Destination Chargers are found at public locations such as hotels, community centers, tourist offices, etc and the power is being supplied and paid by those locations, not by Tesla, so they don’t care what car is connected. The adapter is just a plug converter. I have used them many...
  12. NormF

    DC Fast Charging Station question?

    And EA 350’s are really max output of 270 which you will rarely see in real life even if your car could accept that much. I own a Taycan and I have yet to find a “350” in my area that outputs more than 135.
  13. NormF

    DC Fast Charging Station question?

    Note that all chargers, including Superchargers, are dependent on how much power they are supplied by the grid where they are installed. Many Superchargers share the same supply so when several Tesla’s are charging at once they degrade. I was recently told by an installer for both Superchargers...
  14. NormF

    (Summary/collated) Tow hitch on MME (towing capacity and towing equipment for MME)?

    I have been communicating with in Kent, WA. They have a 2 inch hitch as you can see in other posts. I have been asking them for a 1.25 inch version for a light bike rack (Thule has an excellent one). I encourage all MME owners who are interested in a lighter, less...