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  1. Video: The Mach-E is not the Mustang we know and love | Jason Cammisa on the Icons

    Wrong. They will get double the coverage. Every single review will be repeated.
  2. Kilowatts: 1 Month Review Mustang Mach-E

    during my road trips i have preferred using the OEM Nav and Charger selection over ABRP. I often double check options with ABRP, but the real time adjustments for range and chargers is better with the Ford software
  3. Real World Range Experience For Standard RWD?

    My trip computer at 2,451 miles shows 3.0 miles per kWh = 204 miles of range. Trip 2 was reset and only tracks the last 1,810 miles... 3.1 miles per kWh for 211 miles of range.
  4. Real World Range Experience For Standard RWD?

    Ford Estimated Range on my SR RWD Premium: Warm temps at 75 MPH = 175 miles of range Warm temps during mixed use commutes = 225 miles of range Cold temps using eHeat during mixed use = 170 miles of range With that stated... 2.6 miles per KwH is the low end.. 4.5 miles per KwH is what I see...
  5. Can't deal with the bouncy ride anymore after two weeks with the Mach-E. What do I do?

    IMO - all the Mach E’s have the issue... it all comes down to road conditions. I have come across two roads in 2,500 miles of driving that exhibited the complaints mentioned by the OP. First, southbound I35 in Northern Oklahoma was brutal. Second, the road I have to travel on at 35 MPH during...
  6. 1500 Mile Delivery Road Trip Home In a New Mach-E

    Plug and Charge worked for me at two EA stations on my road trip to DFW and back to ICT. I also find the lane keep assist is biased to the right... passing folks can be annoying since you have to actively fight the system.
  7. Can't deal with the bouncy ride anymore after two weeks with the Mach-E. What do I do?

    Well done - i still can’t figure journeys out!
  8. Road tripping with the standard range battery?

    I have Premium SR RWD. I drove from Wichita, Ks to DFW and back. About an hour of charging each direction was required. Two stops on the way down, three stops on the way back. The charging network between the cities worked great. I had some issues while within the DFW (not many true fast...
  9. Can't deal with the bouncy ride anymore after two weeks with the Mach-E. What do I do?

    Certain roads that are seemingly normal can be jarring in my Premium SR RWD (it is as if the suspension is bottoming out). If every road was like one near my work I would have traded mine in.
  10. Deep Sleep Mode - 12v battery drained dead [update: Mach-E jump started]

    Was the car plugged into 120 volt or 240 volt? 120 may not be enough juice to warm a cold battery and accept a charge.
  11. Deep Sleep Mode - 12v battery drained dead [update: Mach-E jump started]

    I can access the main screen with the car off. It is all about order. I can guarantee you Ford did extensive testing. Any teething issues are usually some combination of user error, initial production rate build issues, or a recent software update that introduced a vulnerability that wasn’t...
  12. Initial thoughts of the Mach E after delivery

    You beat me to that Mach E by an hour or so! Congratulations - the blue looks great. I am glad to hear the Fancis energy stations were fast. I often drive from Wichita to Dallas and “A Better Route Planner” seems to think those stations are my quickest path to Dallas.
  13. Deep Sleep Mode - 12v battery drained dead [update: Mach-E jump started]

    My Mach E went into sleep mode one night when my GFI tripped (I put my NSX on a trickle charger on an outlet on the same circuit - the combination of the two charges seemed to result in the GFI tripping). The Mach E started fine and didn’t have any error codes. The only negatives - expected...
  14. MyKey “max speed” setting adjusting?

    Side Note: I received two Key Fobs
  15. MyKey “max speed” setting adjusting?

    This worked. I used the Key Fob (had to shut my phone off and restart the Mach E). Once complete I was able to access all of the MyKey options.
  16. MyKey “max speed” setting adjusting?

    I am unable to find where to adjust the “max speed” setting associated with MyKey. I don’t recall settting a Max Speed, but it is currently limited at 80 MPH. Thank you in advance!
  17. [4th Update...Kinda] Wind noise from panoramic roof

    I have noticed wind noise during the last two days. It is loud enough to make me relatively sure it was not making the noise for the first ten days. My guess: the extreme cold temps are causing materials to contract creating gaps....
  18. Test Drive - Premium Standard Range RWD

    Full day 2: Making progress! I learned how to the climate control fully off. To the right off the volume know there is an icon that looks like defrost combined with ^...selecting the icon opens up more climate control settings - including an off switch! PAAK worked today. The only glitch...