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  1. Bluetooth keeps dropping

    Totally weird, now as I had the phone set up with out the paak and used it for 2 days, I set up the paak again. Now everything seems working fine. Maybe a lil early to be sure, but for now it is good.
  2. Bluetooth keeps dropping

    For whatever reason, when I am on Android auto and do a phone call or listen to music the connection will drop and it will say phone not found Bluetooth connection missing. But only when I have a key setup in the app. No matter if I am actually logged into the app or not.
  3. Bluetooth keeps dropping

    Bluetooth issues part 3 So as some might now. My Samsung s21 and MME do not like each other. Initial issue was, that the Bluetooth would drop when listening to music or talking on the phone about every 3 min. No matter if I am plugged in with a high and USB cord, use android auto or...
  4. Bluetooth keeps dropping

    I took my phone to samsung and T-Mobile, they all say my phone is ok. The dealer blames android aut, eventhough I have the same issues with or without android auto. Right now I am lost. All phone calls lose the bluetooth connection. Wired in or not. I tried 3 different wires. One was a wire...
  5. Bluetooth keeps dropping

    I wonder, if anyone ever found a solution on this?
  6. Bluetooth keeps dropping

    for me it does not make a difference, I tried 2 different cables. It stops playing music as soon I unplug, but it still drops bluetooth phone calls.
  7. Bluetooth keeps dropping

    Did u talk ford and your phone manufacturer?
  8. Bluetooth keeps dropping

    I just tried to disable fordpass and I still had the same Bluetooth issues. Including cord. Excluding cord. Android auto active or not. Made no difference.
  9. Bluetooth keeps dropping

    May I ask how exactly you turned it off? I do not really want to uninstall it, I still like to check on notifications or when charging? Or occasionally use the paak. I suspected the same thing, but was not 100% certain, as a few times when I thought I know what's the cause, issues started again...
  10. Bluetooth keeps dropping

    for me it is not android auto, it is just the bluetooths which disconnects, if fordpass is installed. if I delete fordpass and just use bluetooth (without android auto) it works great Android Auto and Fordpass work great as well. I just have apps for international calling they do not support...
  11. Bluetooth keeps dropping

    Hi everyone, I have a Samsung S21 which I use as PAAK and to play audio or phone. I realized that it drops every few minutes from Bluetooth. First I thought it might be the phone, as when I use my work Iphone it never drops. But, then I used my wife's S21 which had no FordPass installed, and...