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  1. Within remorse period, am I being too nit picky?

    So my thoughts on your issues: Screen Buzz: IF this is an actual defect, Ford will fix it in the future so no issues. IF Ford doesn't deem it an issue then more than likely it's something that you'll acclimate to over time. Personally, I don't think this is a big deal. Wind Noise: You already...
  2. 2022 Mach-E changes?

    LED lights will be in the back as well as the front Driver seat has two-way adjustable tilt Battery has 15% larger capacity Larger tires now come standard Front Pony is LED on Premium trim now Backup beep is gone (Disclaimer: these are strictly rumors and originate from me and I have...
  3. Issue - "Unable to connect" when connecting to WiFi (SOLVED)

    Has your MME continued to stay connected to your wifi with this fix?
  4. Paint Protection Film (PPF) such as XPEL for Mach-E

    So far it's been a very good job. One of the mirrors did peel a little at the seam, but they're going to fix it when I can get in next week. Full front, so: full hood, fenders, rear view mirrors, all in Xpel 8. Full front bumper in Xpel 10. Cost $2300. I decided against a pillars because it...
  5. Paint Protection Film (PPF) such as XPEL for Mach-E

    Thank you!! I thought I was going crazy! This was the only "issue" I had with my PPF install. Otherwise you can't tell there is even anything on the car!!
  6. Paint Protection Film (PPF) such as XPEL for Mach-E

    So, I had full front PPF applied, which included the side mirrors. Obviously they couldn't cover the whole thing, so there is a seam, but when the mirror is extended it's in the back and you don't see it. In the attached pic, the line on the right is the PPF seam. My question to everyone is...
  7. Aftermarket wheels are always my first mod

    I have never been a car person. I bought my MME and love it. I thought because it was an EV there was less opportunity for mods and upgrades (which again I've never cared about). And when I saw this thread I didn't think I would care about changing the wheels/tires as I really liked the stock...
  8. Ford is paying attention to these forums! Customer Service reached out to me to offer help

    That's great! I'm glad they reached out to you directly! I hope they can get some resolution for your issue! Side note: I'm sure Ford has its reasons, but I just wish they were a little more transparent in letting us know that they were reading these forums and looking into our issues! Like...
  9. Mach-E Currently Undergoing Crash Tests by IIHS For Safety Rating

    Also, it was traumatizing watching them destroy two beautiful MMEs. BUT, from a safety perspective the MME looked like it performed very well!
  10. Mach-E Currently Undergoing Crash Tests by IIHS For Safety Rating

    I just attended an IIHS/HLDI webinar on Insurance and Repair Issues related to EVs. Matt Moore from IIHS/HLDI stated explicitly that they are not ready to share the Mach E results yet. But he showed a few of the crash test videos for the Mach E specifically, and he said overall it "performed...
  11. Dealer not cancelling my order after I have already purchased an abandoned GB FE.

    Just as a followup: I contacted my dealer again and they both canceled the order online and refunded my $500. I wouldn't have cared if they left the order live as long as they refunded me. But in my case they did both.
  12. Home Level 2 Charger Issues

    Yes, sorry. That is correct.
  13. Home Level 2 Charger Issues

    I guess we could try this for science, but I'm fairly certain it wouldn't charge. It doesn't seem to be anything with just the car. It's some interaction between the car and the electric supply.
  14. Home Level 2 Charger Issues

    I...I don't think that's true. But, I'm not a licensed electrician so I'm not going to argue. And I agree, it's not the cause of this charging issue anyway as mine works fine as is. So yes, let's move on.
  15. Home Level 2 Charger Issues

    Just to confirm this is exactly how mine is set up: there is no special connection between the conduit and neutral bus. I was just trying to say in my post that the conduit is bonded to neutral at the panel, but like you said just by virtue of being in contact.
  16. Home Level 2 Charger Issues

    I don't believe I short changed my install at all. I'm assuming you live in a state that doesn't require electrical to be installed in conduit. In IL, all electrical is required to be in conduit which serves as the ground. Mine is in 3/4" EMT from panel to outlet. Other IL folk, am I wrong...
  17. Brake Coach not working

    I personally like the brake coach! It makes stopping a fun game now!
  18. Dealer not cancelling my order after I have already purchased an abandoned GB FE.

    Similar situation: Premium ordered online but bought an FE off the lot. My dealer is supposed to be canceling my order (it had not hit production yet) and refund me the $500 but they have not done it yet. I'm a little irritated as I have called and emailed multiple times. At least this thread...
  19. Home Level 2 Charger Issues

    So I'm in the IL NW Suburbs as well, 50a 240v 14-50 outlet installed in garage, ComEd customer, no solar, no whole house generator, and also haven't had any issues charging at home (knock on wood). I also don't think I have a smart meter (but to be honest I'm not sure). One note: I installed...
  20. Paint Protection Film (PPF) such as XPEL for Mach-E

    That is an AMAZING deal! I paid almost the same just for the Xpel front (no pillars) and 10 only on the bumper. Gtechniq is a great ceramic too to get it free