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  1. Three days of ownership and only two gripes

    I'm waiting for my car, in the mean time I've driven a 2006 Toyota Highlander for 16 years and the looks I get backing up are evil. Or just sitting there, putting the car in to drive or reverse and someone is standing there and they jump. Not my bad! I am super careful looking ALL around before...
  2. I Think I’ve Figured Out PaaK

    what if you are being chased by Zombies?
  3. My brand new Mustang Mach E doesn’t run!!

    So sorry you are dealing with this. Mine goes in to production next week and these are scary stories.
  4. OTA Update 4/8/2021 - Have You Noticed What's Changed?

    I work for a software developer, we have to list what's changed, our customers have to remain ISO compliant and need to verify the software. I'm surprised a company the size of Ford doesn't do this. And as a QA, when I receive my car and it has OTA updates, that will drive me crazy not knowing...
  5. See My New Trailer Hitch? Installed Stealth Hitches

    How does this hitch/install compare to the TorkLift hitch? Less cutting, more cutting, etc.
  6. I got my build date today. Here's my timeline...

    I just got my build date as well. Ordered 1/1/2021, build date will be 4/12/2021. I was expecting delivery 4/2021 lol
  7. My Mach-E Day 1 Impressions

    Congratulations! Your excitement is contagious. I can't wait for mine. What does got it done, 48 months x 12k miles mean?
  8. I just received my Mach-E First Edition (in California)!

    Congrats! I'm on the Central Coast, CA but only ordered on 1/1/2021. I'm loving everyone's 'I got my Mach E' posts. Generates excitement!