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  1. RedStallion

    My speedometer is broken...

    If you think they are underpaid, start tipping 😂
  2. RedStallion

    Minor quibble: Seat belt buckle gets stuck between seat and side panel?

    Happens to me every day, I just decided to stop noticing it 😂
  3. RedStallion

    Seat covers recommendation

    I frequently have my dogs riding in my car, so trying to preserve the seats. Already found a cover for the rear, but don't know what to buy for the front seats. The OEM covers look ugly and come only in gray color. Amazon has lots of seat covers but hard to know if they will fit. Did you find...
  4. RedStallion

    Finally I found something to complain about

    The glass roof is really good in absorbing the sunlight, which I suppose is the reason it gets very hot, you can cook eggs on it. The hot glass irradiates IR into the cabin, but not in the same way as a direct sunlight.
  5. RedStallion

    Finally I found something to complain about

    Every day I learn something new. Never read any car manuals before, but this time I might (after finishing with taxes).
  6. RedStallion

    Finally I found something to complain about

    The hot days are here in California, and I found that AC is rather weak even at full power. When you get into a hot car on a hot day you want that cold blast immediately. Ford apparently values the battery more than people (and dogs). The glass roof also gets pretty hot as it absorbs a lot of...
  7. RedStallion

    Broken Trip Info

    Nothing looks out of the ordinary. The average speed comes at 68mph, happens to me every day. 😁 AFAIK the efficiency on "This trip" tab is an instant number, i.e. integrated over the last 30 or so sec. while driving over certain speed threshold. The other "Trip 1" and "Trip 2" tabs show moving...
  8. RedStallion

    Why the Mustang Mach E is better than the Tesla Model Y

    That's a great move. Musk is genius. Tesla got good quarterly sales numbers, and even $200 will be spent in their store giving another sales boost for the next quarter. The refunds will be written off as one time charge, no financial analyst will complain 😂
  9. RedStallion

    Variety of issues, it’s gone nuts.

    1.6 miles for 10 minutes -- that's an average speed of 9.6mph, it might never got a chance to calculate the efficiency.
  10. RedStallion

    Variety of issues, it’s gone nuts.

    Perhaps you need to take your car to the service. I've never restarted Sync after 1000 miles of driving, it just works, don't even know how to do that 😁
  11. RedStallion

    Is Ford taking cues from Mazda?

    Accidentally got this picture two cars next to each other, Mach-E and Mazda look very much alike, lots of similar lines. I know Ford once owned a large chunk of Mazda, perhaps they still share some patents and designs.
  12. RedStallion

    Battery Break In Question

    There is no battery break-in that I've ever heard about. In fact, if the battery loses 20% of capacity it's considered dead.
  13. RedStallion

    Submit Your FordPass App Feedback to Ford

    I don't know if somebody already mentioned that, it would be nice if the charging schedule had a max current setting, that would make it more flexible charging from different 240V sources.
  14. RedStallion

    Lights Turning on at night in Garage

    Do you have a history of ghosts rummaging in your garage? Try some common exorcism.
  15. RedStallion

    Finally, Our Star White AWD EX Premium arrived

    Congrats! Enjoy a great car. I believe Ford and others will switch to direct sales. There is no justification for all those dealership shenanigans. Whoever does it first will have a competitive advantage. Some states have laws prohibiting direct sales, but it's only a matter of time they will be...
  16. RedStallion

    Google maps to offer "eco-friendly" navigation options

    Google believes the best way to save the planet is to reduce the population. I'm afraid their suggestions can be akin to the navigation help in this movie:
  17. RedStallion

    Trouble closing hood.

    It didn't work for me, I tightened stoppers to the max, it didn't make any difference. I didn't try to slam the frunk, but it doesn't close on its own, I have to press on the hood.
  18. RedStallion

    Trunk opened on its own and hit the garage door... Come on Ford!!!

    Are you sure your dog didn't crawl under the car triggering the trunk sensor. My little dog likes to make a few rounds arounds car when we arrive to the garage.