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  1. Mach_Enrique

    Rear ended in Hit & Run

    Late the the thread but wanted to add that I am SO glad you guys are OK and the guy did not get away. Hoping bat crap crazy driving people are flaunting that has occurred during the pandemic starts to wind down so crap like this stops happening. I got talking to a cop at Starbucks recently in...
  2. Mach_Enrique

    Another Mach-E Road Trip : 384 miles and 10,000 foot mountain passes

    Thanks for continuing to share your adventures! It gets me excited that mountain adventures in our state are getting more and more EV friendly. Really appreciate the charger stories and the ability to live vicariously through you guys until my own MachE comes this summer.
  3. Mach_Enrique

    Impressions on my Premium SR AWD Mach-E (w/ some comparison to my Mustang GT Coupe)

    Thanks for the great write-up! Also the pics. I settled on red myself and your pics help cement. On "Unbridled" I noted when I test drove one this last weekend, the non-one pedal driving "slow down rate when you take your foot off the gas" seems to be one of the variables that is adjusted with...
  4. Mach_Enrique

    Any idea on Hail Tolerance of MME Panoramic Glass Roof?

    Good Day Awesome Forum Peeps! As I patiently wait for the GT order bank to open and keep up on everyone's experiences getting cars now, I continue to ponder: Glass roof or no glass roof? I live in Colorado and we get hail on the front range from time to time with our intense thunderstorms...
  5. Mach_Enrique

    Debate: Is Mach E really a Mustang?

    Like someone says...if Ford says it is, it is. I do think they made mistake focusing on the term SUV or Crossover...should have used more marketing pizazz and said it is a four-door "fastback" and left it at that. Could avoid a lot of shade if Ford did not use the term cross over or SUV imho...
  6. Mach_Enrique


    This makes my color choice journey so much harder...started at Space White, then thought Infini Blue (while it was briefly in GT configurator), then thought red, but finally got thinking I wanted something lighter so thought I would go silver GT...done! But now I think the Orange may be the way...
  7. Mach_Enrique

    Space White Mach-E in daylight

    Agree with the above. The heading on the thread says "Space White" (that is the Gray-White). On the 360 orbit outside before they drive in, it seemed to maybe have some greyish to it depending on the light. But inside, before ruined under blue lights, it sure looked more "Star White"...
  8. Mach_Enrique

    Video: Mach-E Pedestrian Warning Sound & a Close Look Inside Out

    I also decided after much polling within my family and seeing it in numerous photos and videos to move from Space White to Rapid Red when order time comes (though will want to see in person if I can, this is the color for me too. I can finally stop jumping on to the configurator every few days...
  9. Mach_Enrique

    New Members Introduction Thread

    Greetings!!! New member here. I have reserved my Mach E GT a couple months back after thinking hard about the Model Y or the Audi E-tron Fastback. Confess I have owned many a Ford in the past, but have been very concerned if Ford can figure out how to build a great EV AND provide the customer...
  10. Mach_Enrique

    What Color Red?

    Hi y'all! I just recently decided to switch to Rapid Red from the color I picked at rez, particularly given the GT changes in the configurator removing (for now) the Infinite Blue for the GT . But the main point of my comment is that one should note there is a "Space White" and "Star White"...
  11. Mach_Enrique

    Any love for Infinite Blue?

    Egads! I just saw "Grabber Blue" is now in the configurator for the GT (which is cool). So I wanted to take a look and sure enough, it is there! BUT infinite blue and the carbonized gray color are gone from the GT exterior color options!!! I had just finally settled mentally on infinite blue...
  12. Mach_Enrique

    Any love for Infinite Blue?

    I wanted to go a lighter color, but not white, for my next car. Current car was the Fusion Energi "Darkside" which was a dark blackish/blueish/greenish color (depending on light) that got a lot of positive comments. But before that were darker blues and such. I was torn between Infinite Blue...