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  1. MitchAK

    Got new shoes - OEM wheels from a Jaguar F-Pace

    Absolutely! I got into bicycles pretty heavy for awhile and that brought me to fat tire bike which is like the way to ride in winter. But between that and snoe shoes you definitely don’t want your car “floating” on the snow. 😅 I remember now I had a buddy mentioned narrow tires with studs is...
  2. MitchAK

    Achieved 3 miles per KWH. It looks like the 270 mile range is real.

    Thanks! Can’t wait. I’m finalizing paperwork with my dealership now. The roof alignment looked a little off just from the pictures and I’m having them ship the car to me. Did you ever have any issues with your Panoramic roof/windshield alignment? And do you think as long as I get them to...
  3. MitchAK

    Achieved 3 miles per KWH. It looks like the 270 mile range is real.

    I got the same model and color arrived to dealer couple days ago and it needs to sail, Seattle to Anchorage for me. The dealer accepted my activation so I could have that and in Seattle weather around 45F or so the car showed 97% charge and 209 mile range on my app. Also, 11 miles on the...
  4. MitchAK

    Im'In! Got it home.

    Heck yeah! I love that type of commitment pays off, and just makes the whole thing that much sweeter. enjoy !
  5. MitchAK

    Within remorse period, am I being too nit picky?

    That’s good to hear! I saw range numbers on a standard range premium AWD in Alaska and I knew it wasn’t all you’re gonna get number, that they were being conservative. 100% charge 124 mile range it said. So, I bought an Extended Range that a fellow member passed onto me, and I just got the App...
  6. MitchAK

    Charging at hotel poll

    I wonder how the relationship typically works for charging stations at hotels. In my mind there’s a vendor or contract with someone who installs, maintains and operates them. Like the hotel leases the section of parking and then they get to say come to me because we have John Jacob Level 2’s...
  7. MitchAK

    My brand new Mustang Mach E doesn’t run!!

    Sorry about your situation. What’s your model and when was the production date?
  8. MitchAK

    SSM 49730 - Phone As A Key (PAAK) Concerns Of Bluetooth Disconnected, UnableTo Start, Backup Code Needed And/Or Key Not Detected

    Sounds like the new “express” lane at the service center needs to evolve from oil changes, to diagnostic service. Like working on machinery the longest part is making a LOTO. Unfortunately a 10 minute diagnosis and update at my service centers is like a month out appointment to get your name on...
  9. MitchAK

    Got new shoes - OEM wheels from a Jaguar F-Pace

    I was thinking snow shoes? And if you use studded tires, I guess more narrow? But ice skates are narrow and metal and they ain’t that great for stopping on ice, they’re designed for beautiful art on ice, example “Blades of Glory” If you’ve bought winter tires from Costco in the last decade then...
  10. MitchAK

    Got new shoes - OEM wheels from a Jaguar F-Pace

    Amen. Thanks for posting and digging into it. Im in Alaska and I heard someone in a First Edition got stuck in the snow and could obviously tell after it got too late, that wider tires for one thing would be better for winter conditions. Strategically 😅 it seems Ford made sure I don’t have to...
  11. MitchAK

    You've had yours for a while. Now show your favorite Mach-E picture(S) so far.

    Just incredible! Thanks for starting this thread!! And thank every one of you for sharing these truly amazing pics. It just adds so much character to these cars seeing them in so many different environments. I’ve never felt so excited and motivated along this journey. Sometimes I’ve found...
  12. MitchAK

    New here!!

    I keep a Genoa flag hanging in my garage, back in 2000 I was on a Junior USA team and played a soccer tournament there, traded another player after a game for a U.S. flag Wonderful people and rich history. Of course the tournament was rigged cause the Italians kept beating us like 14-0.😊😬 Star...
  13. MitchAK

    Searched and searched...and Found One!!

    My previous commuter was a Ford Focus ST and my wife and kids didn’t ever get smushed in there with me for any joy rides. I got a feeling there is going to be a lot of trips to the store together very soon in this one. Probably get a dozen eggs... back and forth one egg at a time 😅 I think the...
  14. MitchAK

    Southcenter Spotting

    I have been trying to come up with some sort of personalized license plate and I just got inspired to pay some respects to my “by and by” brethren 😂 You know I am a 49ers fan but you guys make me think Washington state is actually just alright, you know 🤭
  15. MitchAK

    Southcenter Spotting

    Pulling for you AJ! Sound Ford was great with my wife’s truck, but after the long conversation I had with the GM Adam about your cancelled order they were out to make money, and he was honest and sincere while simultaneously not selling me your cancel for =<MSRP. Long story short I hope your...
  16. MitchAK

    Searched and searched...and Found One!!

    I am so excited for you and this is such great news for me closing my deal with same dealer. I got a cancelled order from a member and it’s from Autonation Bellevue Ford! I did the reservation in February and the car showed up 4/7. They handled the recall and PCM right away. And it’s going to be...
  17. MitchAK

    Anyone find a phone mount for the Mach-E dashboard?

    I hope this same one I use on my wife’s truck will work. Ottie iOttie - Easy One Touch 2 Wireless Fast Charge Dash/Windshield Mount for Mobile Phones - Black Model:HLCRIO142 SKU:6399216
  18. MitchAK

    The pano roof ledge.....

    I haven’t received my car yet but it’s been delivered to dealer. I’m going to take delivery but I noticed in the pictures I’m probably having the same issue. I want to follow this roof issue and hope it gets resolved for all of us.
  19. MitchAK

    The Build Week 1/24/2021 Club

    Alaska is beautiful, and there is about 3 Kendall Ford Dealers. Since November, I had 2 Mach E reserved with $500 each. One a SR and one an ER. One reserved at the Anchorage location and one reserved at the Wasilla location. All the way through February I was assured they were retail they were...