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  1. 69Mach390

    Constructive feedback to Ford

    Yeah my guess is it won’t get far. How does one individual get the attention of a huge company? They don’t. But when a bunch get together with the same issue that costs them money or enough people are killed due to something dangerous..... you get a recall if they follow the formula:
  2. 69Mach390

    Why is Mach-E called a "truck"

    Likely the answer, but don’t trucks and SUVs have their own (but higher) CAFE standards? As far as the insurance is concerned, probably because it’s “not a car.” Truck may be the only other option. It’s kinda like the definition of vegetables. They’re edible parts of plants “that aren’t...
  3. 69Mach390

    Top Speed of MachE

    To be fair, I don’t care that much about top speed. My last three cars could do 155-175mph but I have no desire to ever get anywhere near those limits. Maybe it’s good for bragging rights? I do take every car to the drag strip though, would stink to hit the limiter near the 1/4 mile.
  4. 69Mach390

    Top Speed of MachE

    Interesting. I was hoping the GT would hit that speed around the 1/4 mile mark. Model Y performance has a top speed of 155 hits 116 in the 1/4 mile:
  5. 69Mach390

    Three days of ownership and only two gripes

    So when standing in a parking lot with a row of nice quiet cars all parked, everyone should be on high alert because any one of those cars could silently jump out and get you? Got it. I have an alternative idea. If only they could design some noise these silent cars could make to alert people...
  6. 69Mach390

    Three days of ownership and only two gripes

    Since it’s just speakers, I’m thinking about upgrading them then tapping into the line so I can play this song through the speakers on repeat. Think it will work?
  7. 69Mach390

    Am I purchasing a Mustang II?

    Mustang ii was ugly and slow. Then again, so were most 1974 to 1978 cars. CAFE rules made them slow. Back in 2008, with the 2025 CAFE rules, I feared all cars would be slow by then. BEVs seem to solve the “slow” problem for now.
  8. 69Mach390


    Gotcha. Maybe update the rules or add a sticky to the top? Here’s a list of the rules: Without limiting the foregoing, the following behaviors are strictly prohibited: Strong, vulgar, obscene or otherwise harmful language, Racially, ethnically or otherwise, objectionable language, Harassing...
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    What’s the deal with politics? No really. I saw another thread “closed to to political discussions.” I know some forums don’t allow political discussions. Some only allow it in certain “off topic” forums. But here..... what’s the rule? Because in the forum rules (bottom of the page terms of...
  10. 69Mach390

    Craziest thing you've done for your Mach-e?

    That’s probably the most expensive Mach E “accessory” anyone has bought so far.
  11. 69Mach390

    Sell car and wait for Mach-E?

    Something isn’t adding up for me. 1. Why the 5 day deadline? What’s special about your car that makes it worth more today than it would be worth in a few months? 2. The dealer offering “top dollar” for your car. Dealers don’t offer “top dollar” when buying a car right out. They offer slightly...
  12. 69Mach390

    My brand new Mustang Mach E doesn’t run!!

    I would apply again. That’s kinda ridiculous. What are the lemon laws for how long they’re allowed to have it in the shop? Try reaching out to them through social media.
  13. 69Mach390

    Drifting the Mustang Mach-E! Reactions!

    To be fair you could drive a Camry like that in a parking lot and get the same reaction. Still fun though! I remember in college I had a Grand Prix and found an empty parking lot that had a small section of ice. Probably spent 10 minutes just getting up to speed and spinning the car in...
  14. 69Mach390

    Three days of ownership and only two gripes

    Good idea for you to document this on the internet. Will make the lawsuit go much faster.
  15. 69Mach390

    Three days of ownership and only two gripes

    Safety first, safety last, safety in the middle. If I feel like rewinding the safety clock 50+ years, I just drive my ‘69. I don’t feel very safe in it though. Just curious what safety features you feel are redundant? They all seem to serve their own purpose and work better together. Some...
  16. 69Mach390

    Three days of ownership and only two gripes

    Your post makes it sound like you’re disagreeing with me but we are saying the same thing. Don’t disable them! I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s already a law prohibiting it.
  17. 69Mach390

    Three days of ownership and only two gripes

    Oh I can be a big fan of Darwin awards. Unfortunately in this case it’s not the driver at risk, it’s everyone around them! I don’t think they have an award for that.
  18. 69Mach390

    Three days of ownership and only two gripes

    Beeps like that are annoying, but....... disabling any safety feature is probably a horrible idea. I don’t walk around much but have had a Tesla or two scare the crap out of me in a parking lot. If they hadn’t seen me they would have hit me. Not crossing the street or anything (I look both...
  19. 69Mach390

    Is Ford taking cues from Mazda?

    Take the badges off and most cars look alike. Kinda always been true as the decades go on.
  20. 69Mach390

    Opinions on light space grey interior

    As long as you don’t spill your red wine while driving you should be fine.