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  1. shadowsjc

    Shopping for a Mach E is not easy- Yet.

    To the OP, just keep checking the inventory page and keep a running list of which dealerships you've already contacted (Google sheets works well for this crucial step, which I neglected). Check the inventory page at least twice daily - and keep hounding the dealers as soon as you see a new...
  2. shadowsjc

    Pre-collision alert and random changing settings

    I had the heat full blast happen to me on Sunday, as well as the settings resetting. I recently received the OTA update so wonder if the settings reset was related to that. For the heat blast, I was driving in rainy conditions and my windshield and side windows were getting foggy - wonder if...
  3. shadowsjc

    TSB 21-2091 - 12-Volt Battery Becomes Discharged While The Vehicle Is Plugged In During the High Voltage Charging Process

    The news articles say this 12 v battery problem affects vehicles manufactured before February 3. How can I check whether my MME was built before Feb 3?
  4. shadowsjc

    Inexpensive solutions for spare wheel and tire.

    Interesting. Following, please let us know how it goes
  5. shadowsjc

    Minor quibble: Seat belt buckle gets stuck between seat and side panel?

    Happens to me too, it was annoying the first few days but I got used to it.
  6. shadowsjc

    Sell car and wait for Mach-E?

    Keep your car for now. Go on inventory search and look for dealer stock on a trim that you want. Make a list /spreadsheet with every dealer and VIN that shows up in the search, and call every single dealer and ask if they have it in stock and able to be sold. I would say 99% of them...
  7. shadowsjc

    Dash cam

    What's the installation like? Difficult?
  8. shadowsjc

    Charging to 100%

    It's based in your most recent driving. If you look at your trip summary from your most recent trip(s), I'm guessing you'd see around 2.6 mi/kwh (230 miles divided by 88 kwh capacity). Also FYI you generally should not charge to 100% unless you have a long trip coming up. The manual says you...
  9. shadowsjc

    Ford giving Mach-E owners additional 250kWh complimentary DC charging - total 500kWh

    Damn I knew I was forgetting to do something! Could have saved $30 today (my little lady was thirsty!). Thanks for the tip, will try that at my next outing to EA
  10. shadowsjc

    Ford giving Mach-E owners additional 250kWh complimentary DC charging - total 500kWh

    I didnt pre-order but I did get an extra 250kwh (500 total in my account). However I still haven't been able to use them even though I've set everything up and activated. Today I plugged in at electrify america thinking Plug and charge would kick in automatically but it didn't. So I tapped my...
  11. shadowsjc

    Opinions on light space grey interior

    I have one in light gray and it looks NICE. But I've got no kids or dogs so can't comment on that part
  12. shadowsjc

    License Plate Arrived

    That's reassuring. The dealer I bought from also uses a 3rd party service for plates. I'm coming up on 2 weeks, so hope I get mine sometime next week!
  13. shadowsjc

    License Plate Arrived

    How long after you got your car did it take for your plates to arrive?
  14. shadowsjc

    2022 Mach-E changes?

    Flip side of this - what changes would make you likely to upgrade your '21 MY to a new one? For me, a simple increase in range wouldn't be enough (unless it's +20% or more). A small increase to the 0-60 time also wouldn't do it. Maybe a sunroof that actually opens? A light up pony badge for...
  15. shadowsjc

    Thick/shock-absorbing license plate frame?

    I'm torn on whether to do anything for the rear license plate frame or not. I think the positioning of the rear bumper means no matter what frame i use on the back, the bumper will still take the hit first (agree or disagree?) For the front bumper, I am going to test out something similar to...
  16. shadowsjc

    How to achieve maximum range?

    Something that wasn't immediately obvious to me as a first time EV owner: EVs behave the opposite of gasoline powered vehicles, in that EVs are more efficient in city driving and less efficient on the highway. So to maximize range, you'd probably want to take smaller roads going no more than...
  17. shadowsjc

    The Ultimate Mach-E Insurance Quotes Thread

    I'm paying about $610 for 6 months with Geico. Northern NJ. $500 deductible and my coverages were all about the highest available I think. I didn't shop around that much but figured I would take the time for a better quote in 6 months.
  18. shadowsjc


    Agree with others that cool factor for the MME needs to be bumped way up. I've never had more people stop me at red lights, in parking lots, at charging stations- all to ask about the car. The sheer fact that this is Ford's first ever mustang suv - let alone an electric vehicle- is enough to...
  19. shadowsjc

    (Solved) Craigs front plate mount causing issues

    Yeah I mean why was that happening? Was the metal frame too loose or something? Reason I'm asking is that I want to buy a different license plate frame (not like the one you have pictured), but I'd like to anticipate what design features might cause the sensors to go crazy
  20. shadowsjc

    (Solved) Craigs front plate mount causing issues

    What was the issue that caused the sensors to go crazy?