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  1. Mach-E 2021 Wheel Sizes, Bolt Patterns, Offset, Center Bore, Load Rating, GVWR [Table]

    Add a few new tire types - still need more weight stickers!
  2. Got new shoes - OEM wheels from a Jaguar F-Pace

    Looks great! Did you buy them new, or used from a Jaguar owner who is upgrading? I always like to keep an eye on stock rims from other vehicles that fit my cars because it can be a good source for a 2nd set of rims for snow tires without having to either buy a super expensive new set, or cheap...
  3. Got new shoes - OEM wheels from a Jaguar F-Pace

    As with all things, there are a lot of "it depends" in there. If you were trying to drive on 24" of snow then you need very big and very wide - think of the extreme case of the Yellowstone vans with 50" balloon tires running at 4psi. But if you are trying to drive on 5" of snow over a road...
  4. Charging power vs state-of-charge (SOC)

    Yes, it is just a setting in the car, so the expectation is that Ford (and others) will gradually widen out the buffer to maintain capacity over time. This is the same strategy we use in stationary grid storage - start with a large buffer and gradually reduce it to compensate for degradation.
  5. Rear ended in Hit & Run

    Oh man that sucks, I hate dealing with car accidents and I hate hit and runs even more. I’ve been really lenient with some minor accidents where the people fessed up or stopped and took responsibility, but hit and runs get the book thrown at them. Make sure your insurance company knows it was a...
  6. Review by The Drive: Mach-E never got the memo about it being a crossover

    Not a bad review, seems pretty fair about the criticisms. As usual, "don't read the comments".
  7. Thread for people who haven't gotten their Mach-E's yet to be grumpy in

    Yes, that is what mine shows. Further down do you have a checkbox on "Order Accepted by Dealer"? If so, then you are all good, and your order is in the same boat as the rest of us poor bastards. ;)
  8. Mach-E 1400 at Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale

    Nice photos, but I can't quite read it either! I've looked at a lot of photos online and can't quite read the size. Not that it is practical, I just want my table to be complete. ;)
  9. Mach-E 1400 at Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale

    Wow, look at those cooling loops! At a generous 90% efficiency those motors are trying to dissipate ~100kW of heat at full power. Did you get any closer pics of the tires? I wanted to update the tire size database with the 1400's sizes and widths, but I can't seem to read the widths off any...
  10. RWD standard range weight

    I have a few specs in this thread (, but I have the Select SR RWD at 4,394 lbs curb weight.
  11. Car Seats Installed - Front and Rear Facing

    Thanks, those are some big seats! Not to reinforce the MachE as a cool dad-mobile, but while I only have one car seat to fit I'm glad it will do well. Ours just barely clears in our Prius (and I'm only 5'7"), so things should be spacious here.
  12. Raising/lowering the Mache clearance

    Going one step further... 235/65/R18 would require changing wheels, but gets you 0.62", and opens up some sweet tires like this Toyo Open Country (correct load rating!)...
  13. Raising/lowering the Mache clearance

    The standard MachE's have 5.7" of ground clearance, and the GT has 5.3". Those are both higher than my Prius at 4.9", or my previous Saab 92X which started with 5.9" and I lowered to ~4.9". I drive those vehicles all over CO, including some places that you wouldn't think you should take such a...
  14. 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E: Technical Specs, Info, Wallpapers, Photos, Videos

    I'm sure a lot of my blanks can now be filled, I just need people to do the very boring task of taking a picture of the door sill sticker on various trims. Not as fun as the rest of the car. ;) If you find a piece of info, put a link or a screenshot into that thread and I'll update the table.
  15. What are your Electric Rates

    This chart from the EIA shows the simple answer for the whole US: Of course, it is giving a blended final rate per kWh, which doesn't take into account the finer points of demand charges, time-of-use, or EV specific...
  16. Pouch vs Prismatic battery cells - VW announcing their intent to change

    In the stationary storage industry we prefer prismatic cells, because while they may have a tiny bit lower energy density, that doesn't matter much when you are building on a 10 acre site. The plus of prismatic cells is that they hold the electrolyte in with a lot more pressure - the tendency to...
  17. Mach-E vs. Model Y Drag Race

    Electrically - yes. The motors on EVs are fully electronically controlled - the motor driver/inverter decides exactly how much current to send to the motor at any given time, and can limit the current at different RPMs and temperatures. Of course, certain current combinations will destroy the...
  18. Ford Options...Ugh

    Is the Options loan taking advantage of the $2500 incentive? If so, that might be reducing the sales tax. $140 on a $2500 incentive would be a 5.6% sales tax rate, which is plausible.
  19. How tire pressure impacts range - insight into impact of 245/50 R19 tires on stock 19 wheels?

    Bicycle tires are very interesting, but there are a lot of differences that are hard to translate to a car. I do know that narrower is not always faster than wider, and higher pressure is not always faster than lower pressure. I ride 38mm Schwalbe G-Ones, run them around 50psi and have coasted...
  20. 🤦🏻‍♂️ Really!?

    I've mentioned it before, but I believe this is 100% identity politics in action. Political affiliation in recent years has switched away from actual policy positions (see how many things each of the major parties have 100% flipped on in the last 12 years, and how little anyone on either side...