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  1. VaderMachE

    Have you ever owned a Mustang

    Two time pony car owner, looking forward to the electric version! 1987 White Mustang GT 2014 Red California Special GT I've always been a fan of pony cars and that includes by other manufacturers. The 1987 GT holds a special place in my heart as that car just flat out performed. It was a...
  2. VaderMachE

    Mach-E Steals Major Tesla EV Share in February

    I would be just that person. I've driven Fords for years and lean mostly towards hybrids already in our home. Wife has a cmax energi, I have a fusion hybrid. This seemed like the logical next step for us. Looking forward to ownership of a "quiet" car.😎
  3. VaderMachE

    Well It's Been Fun - Ford Just Pulled My Car Back to Factory **UPDATE 3** 3-4-21

    The dealership my sister works at ordered their FCTP car in August 2020, it just came in a week ago. I drove it a few days back.
  4. VaderMachE

    Test drive! First time behind the wheel!

    Ohio just got rid of that silliness in 2020. I won't lie, I left my front plate off on numerous vehicles because it looks so nasty.
  5. VaderMachE

    Test drive! First time behind the wheel!

    My dealership has their "test drive" vehicle in and it's identical to what I've ordered, other than the interior color. I was promised to get first shot behind the wheel ( sister works there)and was pretty close, MME had only 34 miles on it! First impression, it's a very well put together...
  6. VaderMachE

    Ford Connected Charge Station Stop Sell Order

    Nope, said he'd place the order, but no idea on date. I decided to just take the refund for now and wait.
  7. VaderMachE

    Ford Connected Charge Station Stop Sell Order

    Got the call today to return the charger to dealership. (My sister works there) Parts said they'll order me an "updated" version and ship it when it arrives. MME hasn't arrived yet, and weather still blows, so I'll wait on new before having it installed.🤷‍♂️
  8. VaderMachE

    Ford Connected Charge Station Stop Sell Order

    Following... Mine is still boxed in basement, waiting for snow to clear before doing install. Curious to know what gives.
  9. VaderMachE

    Deep Sleep Mode - 12v battery drained dead [update: Mach-E jump started]

    Speaking as a person who's sister is service MGMT at a Ford dealership, they are definitely behind on training. The techs have quite a few on-line tests to get through and they do have reference material provided by Ford. Not much in real world experience as the first MME just hit this area. (NW...
  10. VaderMachE

    Getting Stoked!

    I ordered at the beginning of January 2021.
  11. VaderMachE

    Getting Stoked!

    So this happened today. I know the people in here will appreciate my excitement. My co-workers just think I'm! I have my fusion hybrid lease through the end of the year, so I'm covered on having a ride. Ford charger for the garage has been purchased and is currently in basement...
  12. VaderMachE

    Submitted Orders # Tracking List and Stats [Enter Yours]

    Posted up yesterday. Ordered a black premium. Dealership accepted, waiting in build. Here we go!😁 Update: Build date... week of May 31st. Hoping to see the MME in July.
  13. VaderMachE

    Has Anyone Received a Ford Connected Charge Station?

    Ordered mine in late January, arrived beginning of February via FedEx. Currently sitting in the basement waiting for temps to improve so my electrician won't freeze and die doing the installation.🥶
  14. VaderMachE

    SHADOW BLACK Mach-E Club

    I may have snickered a bit listening to this guy. "Gosh darn awesome". Loved the ride though.... exactly what I've ordered.😎