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  1. So, I’ve been working on my range anxiety...

    You're going to charge up from 4% on a Level 2 that's not at home?
  2. Jeep Wrangler Magneto EV

    Because money is a thing and garage space is a thing. I am at the upper end of my comfort level, but still comfortably able to, afford my Mach E. Two $50-60k cars is not in my budget. Congrats if you're able to afford it but I am but a lowly Millennial with a two car garage that is already full...
  3. Defective module causing issues with Ford Connectivity

    Well, I suspect they have a shortage of modules. They got a new TCU for me but the service manager said he did an "emergency order" and they got one overnight. Another guy in a different thread said he's waiting on one but Ford doesn't know when they will have one for him. Just an FYI, lemon...
  4. Success of Mustang and Bronco Sub-Brands means more Spin-offs to come

    Well, they run the risk of over-doing it. Honestly shoehorning the Mach E into the Mustang "sub brand" was a stretch already, and the car is doing the heavy lifting, not the brand. They could've put Pinto on the same car and generated a surprising amount of buzz IMO they should set up...
  5. Constructive feedback to Ford

    you could call the customer support line, that's probably the most "official" way to do it. no way to know if your feedback will get through or not though
  6. Haven’t gotten my extra 250 kWh. You?

    You know, I can't find a source. Possible I completely made it up inadvertently and/or mixed it up with the EA pass fee
  7. Haven’t gotten my extra 250 kWh. You?

    Still none here. I wonder if there is a range of build dates, not just all cars with a build date before whatever in February. My car was built very early, in October so I'm wondering if it's something like cars built between some date and the end date No, you get 250 (or 500) kWh free once...
  8. Firmware vs Software - a Key Difference

    Again, we're talking about the specific terminology Ford applies in their methodology and processes. What a totally different industry uses for their terminology is not relevant. In Ford land 'calibration' = 'version'
  9. Firmware vs Software - a Key Difference

    Obviously the rate would not stay at 600 updates a day, if that is the actual number, forever. Even if this has been in development for years, there's a difference between it being in development with a few dozen or even a hundred cars, and it being out in the wild with thousands of cars in an...
  10. Firmware vs Software - a Key Difference

    You may view it that way, but that's not how it works in Ford land. It's referring to a specific version of the firmware, not just to a certain set of settings
  11. Ford giving Mach-E owners additional 250kWh complimentary DC charging - total 500kWh

    The way the terms of service are worded, it sounds very likely that Ford will be selling charging in the app, and you will consume it much like you do the free 250/500 kWh, so there's a decent chance having a FordPass Charging Network membership will get you some advantages, if you want to buy...
  12. Firmware vs Software - a Key Difference

    And on top of all this, there is a term that is kind of unique to Ford and/or the automotive industry: calibration They refer to a specific version of a module's firmware as a "calibration" I would guess it's partially playing it safe, and partially not having the OTA process/infrastructure...
  13. Toyota Mirai Owners; There Is No Fuel And We Want Out Of These Cars

    A car with a dress code? Well, I guess 80s style *is* back in fashion
  14. Warranty Start Date

    Did you sign all the paperwork when you put down your "deposit"? I have the same situation, I found a dealer that had one inbound so I completed the entire deal and they submitted the title paperwork before the car got there. I will lose out on like 3 weeks of warranty but at that point it's not...
  15. Seat Belt Warnings - False Positives

    In case it's not clear, you push "in" on the volume up/down nubbin to press OK on an alert on the gauge cluster
  16. What are these network devices?

    Do both of those devices join your wifi, or are you seeing them in a wifi scanner? The car is both a wifi client and (multiple) wifi hotspots. It serves as a wifi hotspot for android auto/carplay, and of course has an actual AT&T hotspot in the car. And, it can join your home wifi as a client...
  17. Defective module causing issues with Ford Connectivity

    They thought my issue was with the antenna, too, but they replaced the antenna and it was not the issue They had to replace the TCU. The tech hooked up to the car and the error was that the provisioning state of the TCU was "UNPROVISIONED" and it would not communicate and no amount of...
  18. Vibration at startup (HVAC related)?

    For all the issues people have reported, if there is something wrong with one of the systems they are pretty good about alerting you that it's throwing DTCs and it needs to go into service
  19. TSB 21-2091 - 12-Volt Battery Becomes Discharged While The Vehicle Is Plugged In During the High Voltage Charging Process

    "high voltage" means it's charging the high voltage battery, not DC Fast Charging. Like someone else said, you're not going to be at a DCFC session long enough to run your 12v battery dead There's nothing about that charger that would mean you wouldn't encounter this issue if your car is affected
  20. Ford giving Mach-E owners additional 250kWh complimentary DC charging - total 500kWh

    Well, that's promising. Still don't have mine, I bought mine "off the lot" (it was still in transit) on 3/1