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  1. MachSpeed

    Review by The Drive: Mach-E never got the memo about it being a crossover

    Verdict I talked with a couple of EV owners during my expedition to the one Chargepoint level 3 charger in Indy, and they were all genuinely impressed with the Mach-E. In fact, two Chevy Bolt EV owners and one BMW i3 said that their next EV was originally going to be a Tesla Model 3, but now...
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    Mach-E wrapped in Dark Green Pearl 3M vinyl wrap

    I really like that thanks for sharing it with us.👍
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    Tru's thoughts on the Mach-E from second driving experience

    Thanks for sharing your experience with the MachE it's nice to read a everyday person perspective.
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    Mach-E by Motion R Design: body kit, front lip, fender flares, spoiler, wheels, drop, mods

    When will someone come out with a aftermarket lighted grill Pony.
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    Ken Block Will Participate In All-Electric Rallycross Series
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    It doesn't bother me in the least that the Mach E is a Mustang. I think this shows that soon we will have a EV Mustang coupe that will keep Mustang alive and kick just about everyone's booty.
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    Model Y Quality Issues Aplenty

    With all the quality issues Tesla has its a wonder their still selling them. If Ford or any other manufacture turned out cars like these they would be crucified and loose sales. I hope Ford understands that the Mach E has to be extremely close to perfect.
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    Polestar 2 US price announced

    Looks like a fail to me
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    It's nice Ford added Cyber Orange but only on the GT. I have a Competition Orange 2015 Mustang so I would buy the color on the Mach E but I'm not willing to spend the extra money on the GT.
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    The Dark Persian Green is a dark Teal Green
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    Ford and Lincoln cancel Rivian-powered electric vehicle due to the pandemic

    Ford thankfully has strictly forbidden dealers from doing that.
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    Ford and Lincoln cancel Rivian-powered electric vehicle due to the pandemic

    I'm not looking to buy the Mach E for off roading anyway
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    Ford and Lincoln cancel Rivian-powered electric vehicle due to the pandemic

    Could also be Ford wanted to go in one direction and Rivian wanted to go different direction stalemate. But blaming covid 19 is BS.
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    First Real Life Look at Grabber Blue First Edition Mach-E

    Grabber Blue is a great color to bad it's only available on the GT.
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    I've seen the Dark Persian Green in person and it's a great color one that I would seriously consider getting.
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    Polestar 2 US price announced

    Ford could ad the extra options and then the Mach E would be the same price as the Polestar out of price range I want to be in. Another really good point, here in West Virginia we have only one Volvo car dealership that in it's self would be a deal breaker for me. And I to don't like anyone...
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    All-Electric Mustang Cobra Jet 1400, Ford’s First Factory Fully Electric Dragster Prototype

    Most people but there are still die hard sticks in the mud who hate anything EV related to the Mustang name.
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    Why the Mustang Mach-E is a BRILLIANT idea says Road Show

    I good video I happen to be a Mustang owner and the use of the Mustang name on a EV crossover doesn't bother me in the least.
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    Space White Mach-E in daylight

    Space White is my color