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    After all the push backs and waiting first in queue LOL when I Pre ordered It’s give time to work out the car is not going to meet our needs as far as towing our small caravan I’m out Just been a hard decision to make but finally there Just got to decide what next, I have worked electric cars...
  2. UK Customers

    No build date now 9th of April with delivery to fords derby 17th July Fords communication team say there’s nothing they can do, only is someone’s cancellation It’s crap and I’am fed up of waiting Don’t know what to do
  3. UK Customers

    No mate black with no changes😩
  4. UK Customers

    No no change on order or colour but feels like I jumped to the back of the queue, Pre order LMAO😂😂😞😞😞
  5. UK Customers

    My ER RWD is showing on vista for delivery at my dealers of the 17/7/21, so much for Pre ordering back in December 2019
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    No mate not written
  7. UK Customers

    Been told by Ford in Derby that because order in progress and signed for that price stands as per grant and Ford uk taking the hit But here’s the kicker Got email from Ford the beginning of March as many of us did that my car was in production, dash board and vin tracking for me has stopped...
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    I agree with everything you have said They owe us, I didn’t mind the delay due to COVID because the factory was shut for 3 months, but i’am looking at a 8 month delay but find myself unable to check if it’s been built yet, Ford in Derby says their vista has not been updated since February and...
  9. UK Customers

    I spoke to Rebecca yesterday afternoon and she told me she is leaving her current role that day , she is helping someone new to the system to start with but only in between doing her new job Sounds like more confusion on the way 👎
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    I found that Tesla doesn’t recommend mud flaps because they cause drag so did not order them myself
  11. UK Customers

    I have a Pod-Point charger and the cable wraps around the uniit Had it for 3 yrs charging my leaf, never had a problem with it
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    Did the same with my Leaf Now using sons car while he is away in the army until July Fingers crossed will get my car before he returns 🤞
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    I’am getting excited now my car is in production but slightly worried now about towing capacity We had a very small caravan 740kg just hopping it’s up to the job🙄
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    Just got my email my ER RWD is now in production 🥳🥳🥳
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    Go with PodPoint been charging my leaf with it for the last 3hrs and never had a problem
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    Wonky same with my LEAF is going back Now using son’s car while he’s away in Africa until July I’m wondering what now changing gears, no heated steering wheel, no reverse camera and no heated seats, gone back in time LOL Are we’ll press on and get our cars sometime this year
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    No Ford pass card sent to me yet
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  20. UK Customers

    Does anyone know if the charge point is going to be on the left the same as the American ones or on the right for right hand drive, seem to recall hearing it’s on the drivers side??