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  1. mattbostonmache

    Outdoor 14-50 question

    My charger is going to be outside and I plan on using a 14-50 plug. I bought an outdoor 14-50 outlet. The ground is up, which is normal. But my chargepoint flex wants the plug inserted so the cord goes up. But with the enclosed outdoor housing for the 14-50, having the cable go up is a bit...
  2. mattbostonmache

    Toyota Mirai Owners; There Is No Fuel And We Want Out Of These Cars

    Toyota and Honda spent zero effort on EVs. They both had tepid efforts for fuel cell cars, but there is no infrastructure for this outside of Japan. But worse, as the article states, most hydrogen is produced from fossil fuels today. And then it has to be lugged around to fueling stations (by...
  3. mattbostonmache

    Are front and rear brakes different?

    Are the front and rear brakes different? It looks like the back brakes don't have a nice solid housing like the front brakes. This is from a loaner I had last weekend.
  4. mattbostonmache

    audio mute button?

    Does long press on any of the buttons mute? And is there a pause button?
  5. mattbostonmache


    It would be clearer if this post's subject was "sign a petition to tell the USPS to go full electric"
  6. mattbostonmache

    how do the radio controls work?

    I had a loaner MME over the weekend. For AM/FM, I could see how I could enter a radio station directly (via frequency numbers). But there was not good way to see the list of tunable stations. And for SiriusXM, I could switch stations one by one, or view the channel tiles (I think there were...
  7. mattbostonmache

    hum/buzz from lcd displays

    Thanks @GoGoGadgetMachE. I saw that thread in passing but didn't associate it (based on the subject) with the noise coming from the screen.
  8. mattbostonmache

    My list of Ford Pass complaints

    I've had a loaner for a couple days and I wanted to write up my experiences with Ford Pass. The car status information can be very out of date. This morning it was last updated 8 hours ago. Last night while at at DC fast charger, the information was 20 minutes out of date. This is critical...
  9. mattbostonmache

    hum/buzz from lcd displays

    I've seen this mentioned on some threads and on a FB group, but it's hard to track down the current status. There's a mildly annoying buzz/hum coming from the display panels. You can hear it most distinctly when the car is stopped and you turn off the HVAC. Is this in all Mach Es? Is there a...
  10. mattbostonmache

    Massachusetts EV Rebate?

    It's only for < $50k, right? So select is probably ok. But premium AWD extended range is not eligible, right?
  11. mattbostonmache

    palsapp train tracking

    Thanks @mixduptransistor. Too many threads to keep track of now. 😄 (And that's a good thing)
  12. mattbostonmache

    palsapp train tracking

    My car had a row in palsapp, which said it was delivered to KC. It was that way for several weeks. Now it just comes back with this message (no search results anymore): VIN Number Not Found. The Unit may have been moved by another Carrier or not yet released to Carrier. What does this mean...
  13. mattbostonmache

    Mach E vs Model Y PaaK speed test (Out of Spec)

    Here's a quick test of the speed for phone as a key on the MME vs the MY from Kyle and Out of Spec:
  14. mattbostonmache

    I test drove a ID.4 today (my comparison vs Mach-E)

    I just noticed the VW website configurator says the AWD version has. heated windshield. I wonder if that's just a heated wiper area or if it's a full heated windshield like the Mach E in Europe (Ford Quickclear). Being in New England, that would be awesome! I was really bummed to find out the...
  15. mattbostonmache

    I test drove a ID.4 today (my comparison vs Mach-E)

    @SteelMach Absolutely agree 100% that the shifter is much better. You push it forward to go forward; you pull it back to go backwards. I wish this would become the standard across the auto industry. Where was the power meter? I didn't pay too much attention to the screen while driving. I did...
  16. mattbostonmache

    I test drove a ID.4 today (my comparison vs Mach-E)

    My local VW dealer got their demo ID.4 in this past week and I swung by for a test drive. Honestly, it was only the RWD version and the acceleration was sufficient. I remember taking the Mach E for a test drive and being disappointed after having recently driven the MY. All three are faster...
  17. mattbostonmache

    Co-Pilot 360 Bad weather review

    Any snow on those roads? I'm curious how copilot does with plowed but snow covered roads.
  18. mattbostonmache

    Is the MME emitting lasers?!?

    Not lasers, but maybe the infrared emitters for the driver monitoring (the black bar behind the steering wheel)??
  19. mattbostonmache

    Purchasing and Programming another FOB

    Thanks! Good advice!! I don't even have my car, so I can definitely wait. And even then, I'm in no rush to get a second fob.
  20. mattbostonmache

    Purchasing and Programming another FOB

    Looks like cars and trucks remotes is now charging $130. I should have acted sooner.