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  1. Trunk opened on its own and hit the garage door... Come on Ford!!!

    I did have some problem with the liftgate too ! The first evening I got the car, it was sleeping in the garage, door closed. I don't have any pet. I went in the garage to play with some settings, and I found an open liftgate. I had a lot of trouble closing the damn door! (pushing the button, the...
  2. Submit Your FordPass App Feedback to Ford

    As a lot of people already said, the app feel slow, with a lot of "flicker" or loading. Moving between screen doesn't feel good at all!
  3. Two Missing Cargo Anchor Points / Tie downs

    Same for me, only two anchor near the door. I did thought of using those in the seat, but they are not as well positioned in my opinion to keep things from moving.
  4. Audio System Not Working

    I received my car yesterday. I know the audio was working at that time. This morning, i went to play with the car to learn how every thing works and... I have a weird audio problem, not quite sure it fit with was you guys had, but would appreciate if you could confirm ! First, i'm unable to get...
  5. Adding a profile photo??

    Android here. According to my test, the name in your profile must be the same as the name in your cellphone. So at first, i had created my mach e profil with only my first name, while the cellphone had first/last name. Activating bluetooth only and forcing a refresh of the contact was not...
  6. Canada's first to receive their cars?

    According to the M stand for 2021
  7. Door not closing

    I went at the dealer to try my car (bringing it home this friday). The driver car had that problem. According to my dealer, you just have to push harder on it ...
  8. Luggage Compartment anchor points

    I believe i saw them in a video. But most of the time, they doesn't seem to be there. I guess they removed it :mad: I didn't need those often in my jeep, but they were usefull on the rare ocassion i had something heavy to move to avoid damage or risk in case of an accident. I'm wondering if it...
  9. Quebec Members - De quel coin vous êtes?

  10. Quebec Members - De quel coin vous êtes?

    Bon, c'était une bonne nouvelle! Le vehicule est arrivé aujourd'hui au concessionnaire. Lundi, j'm'en vais l'essayer!
  11. Quebec Members - De quel coin vous êtes?

    Depuis que Ford exige le numéro de commande, le tracker du forum ne parvient plus a suivre ma commande. J'utilises donc le site que vous avez lister depuis environ 1 semaine. Ma mustang a un ETA de livraison au 28 mars, depuis ce matin, mon Vin n'est plus disponible sur palsapp (Avant, c'était...
  12. Why would you by a charger?

    Because you are in Ontario: At -20c, it might be hard to roll the cable and put it back in the car. To avoid having melting snow in the car. The extra power might be useful to get the car conditioned in the morning (I'm not sure for that one ... I know the 110v is not enough to charge + heat the...
  13. Quebec Members - De quel coin vous êtes?

    Ouais, ça arrive de temps en temps que le vehicule disparait, je crois pas qu'il y aie matière a s'inquiéter
  14. Track Your Mach-E Order by VIN # and Order #

    Hi CobraJet! I saw that you added the order number field on the tracker, which is great ! But it's only accepting numbers right now :( In my case, there's letters in the order number. Also, using that tracker (or at least, the text on it), it would seem the order number might even reach 5...
  15. Quebec Members - De quel coin vous êtes?

    Effectivement, j'aurais pus vous donner ce qu'incluait les ensembles. Ensemble supérieur qui comprends capot complet ailes complètes miroirs pare-chocs avant lumières phares à brumes = 1450$ avant taxes Ensemble deluxe comprends 1/3 capot * coins d'ailes miroirs pare-chocs avant lumières...
  16. Quebec Members - De quel coin vous êtes?

    Protex de Laval et les environs, Xpel : Complet, lustré : 5100$ "ensemble supérieur" : 1450$ "Ensemble deluxe" : 795 (option capot, +275)
  17. Canada's first to receive their cars?

    Extended range, 4wd, -13c, 300km ... seem good. So with a regular battery i should get ... at least 200km even at -13 :D
  18. Quebec Members - De quel coin vous êtes?

    J'ai l'impression qu'il sait pas comment marche un DCC10 (et sais peut etre pas comment se le procurer?) et qu'il s'organise pour pas avoir la job
  19. Quebec Members - De quel coin vous êtes?

    C'Est sur que s'il dit que c'est que quelques heures, il a d'l'air d'un pas pire arnaqueur!
  20. Quebec Members - De quel coin vous êtes?

    C'est ce que j'ai acheté. Les 2 bornes traines chez nous en attendant que l'électricien passe. Selon une autre capsule de roulez électrique, le cable restait beaucoup plus flexible que la compétition pendant l'hiver, d'où mon choix initiale