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  1. highland58

    Charging at hotel poll

    I recently got a 14-50R to 14-30P adaptor, to increase the options. 30A connections at campgrounds are common, and may be available at an ABnB.
  2. highland58

    How to keep car from freaking out when washing?

    Dragging the water hose by the back of the car can also cause the hatch to open while you are washing it, very annoying. I also noticed that spraying water on the door open buttons can cause the door to open. I went through a touchless car wash a few days ago, the doors and hatch stayed shut, so...
  3. highland58

    How much larger a tire can fit on premium wheels?

    I got the Michelin CrossClimate2 tires. Discount tire gave me $40 each for the tires that came on the car. They said it was not a common size and they didn't really need it, but since I was a repeat customer they agreed to do it. I will get some more close-up pics after I finish with my DIY ceramic.
  4. highland58

    How much larger a tire can fit on premium wheels?

    I have 235/55 tires and they look and work just fine.
  5. highland58

    Protecting Big Front End

    I had XPEL ultimate done full front, I am getting ready to do Iron-X, clay bar, and Armor Shield IX over the rest, and also over the XPEL. So far the parts covered with XPEL look marvelous when clean. I also had a wrap put over the grill area, so two layers of protection there.
  6. highland58

    Rear wiper blade - longer replacement?

    What is the secret to getting the old blade off? I saw where it says to move it out from the holder then down, but just pulling on it does not seem to work.
  7. highland58

    Rear wiper blade - longer replacement?

    Now that I have a rear dashcam, I see the stock wiper does not clean in front of it, I will be getting the 15" Trico - thanks for the tip.
  8. highland58

    I Think I’ve Figured Out PaaK

    I'm trying to understand the need to lock a car that is parked in the garage. Is the garage door not locked?
  9. highland58

    First Mach E Delivery in Washington State/PNW e(Seattle)

    Congratulations on your new pony!!
  10. highland58

    I test drove a ID.4 today (my comparison vs Mach-E)

    Ah that makes sense. The "R" button on my clarity had to be pulled up, you could feel it without looking. I guess that would prevent the issue you speak of. People have complained about hitting their knee in the MME, they should try sitting with their knee next to this when they drive.
  11. highland58

    I test drove a ID.4 today (my comparison vs Mach-E)

    The dial does not spin, its all electronic. My Clarity was push button (ugly giant POS shifter) - the D light goes out and the P light goes on.
  12. highland58

    I test drove a ID.4 today (my comparison vs Mach-E)

    I rarely shift to park when I stop, I just turn the car off and it goes into park. My Clarity did the same.
  13. highland58

    I test drove a ID.4 today (my comparison vs Mach-E)

    The Mach-E seems to be backlit LED displays, it sounds like the ID.4 may be OLED.
  14. highland58

    Mach-E Dashcam and Sentry Mode Updates

    That appears to be this camera. If you choose to use the OBD cable, the ICE version and EV version are different. Ford seems to only offer the non EV OBD cable. They also only supply an 8GB memory card. The below is a better deal (blackboxmycar) for the same dash cam. I would think the Ford...
  15. highland58

    ok, I give up, Model X it is

    I'm going with the Ohmswagen, I can't resist it.
  16. highland58

    Fordpass keeps showing 1 unread notification

    Those messages can be prevented in Fordpass / vehicle / manage EV / notifications. I have turned them all off and have not gotten a message there lately.
  17. highland58

    Bolt EV Owners Switching to Mustang Mach-e

    I did claim 2 credits in 2018 when I bought both a Volt and a Clarity, like you said you just need to have enough tax liability. I used it to pay off the Clarity.
  18. highland58

    Windshield bullseye repair options?

    Your insurance may pay that entire cost of chip repair, have you asked them about it?
  19. highland58

    Front license plate brackets

    He said that he has sold a lot of them to Mach-E folks, so they must work. My response to that was that many of those were bought by people that had not yet gotten their car and were not aware there were any issues. I'm done messing with it and my bracket will now gather dust , especially the...
  20. highland58

    How many started with Toyota Prius followed by Nissan Leaf followed by Chevy Bolt followed by Mustang Mach E?

    My last 2 ICE vehicles were Subaru, a 2003 Forester then a 2010 Legacy Outback. I got a 2018 Chevy Volt, I was not really happy with it, after 4 months I traded for a 2018 Honda Clarity - more room, more comfort, with Honda quality. My wife's Hyundai Accent was getting old and we got a used...