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  1. How long can i leave Mach e unplugged?

    I keep unlocking my car remotely which allows the battery info in the app to update. Down side is it probably keeps it from going into deep sleep. Didn’t know it would go to sleep if left undisturbed.
  2. The Build Week 1/24/2021 Club

    Miles. Initially I was watching the percent but it hasn’t changed, only the miles have gone down. I just checked again and it might be 1.5-2 miles per day. I get back on Thursday so I will have a better average then.
  3. The Build Week 1/24/2021 Club

    On a different note, I have been checking on my car sitting at the airport (for scientific reasons 🙄) while I am away, it so far seems I lose 1-1.5 miles per day of charge while it just sits. Not bad.
  4. The Build Week 1/24/2021 Club

    I got my car 3 days before having to leave for training for 5 days. At least I can use the app to see where it is sitting at the airport every so often 😂
  5. Mach-E Model Weight Difference?

    Premium AWD ER plus me in the car. (We won’t say what I added to the total) OK, I will, but I will round, take 210 off that number. So about 4,870
  6. The Build Week 1/24/2021 Club

    First car I have owned that I actually look for reasons to go for a drive. 😄
  7. Avoid Plug and Charge... for now

    Not sure if this was coincidence or not when I was trying to charge the other day, I kept getting that same fault until I turned of the the accessory mode in the car. The car was “off” but I had the accessories on. As soon as I turned it off I could charge.
  8. Video: how to dim ambient lighting in Mach-E

    Nice, I was just thinking tonight that they were a little bright.
  9. The Build Week 1/24/2021 Club

    One of the best things about once the car shows up is you can finally close the 5 or more browser screens you have open for easy checking of status. 3 or more different trackers and 3 different trucking companies 🤪
  10. Was my Mach-e born a lemon? Update: not lemon, just lower priority

    Good news, my car showed up yesterday! It looks great, no panel or roof alignment issues. I will take delivery today after I had it over night for a test drive. The day I finally got some feed back from an upper Ford manager, the car delivered to the dealer which was good because he was only...
  11. The Build Week 1/24/2021 Club

    Mine is sitting in my garage charging. I don’t own it yet but will tomorrow. Dealer still needs to detail it and then I can sign the papers. Dealer has been great, no weird fees or anything. so I finally got to drive the mache and it is great. I was almost scared of it at first but I got...
  12. The Build Week 1/24/2021 Club

    haven't seen it yet. waiting to see if it is ready today or not. Dealer said I could take it for a day or so before signing if I wanted. The hold up may be if they can get it to 100% before I take it.
  13. The Build Week 1/24/2021 Club

    march 22-28. Then changed to April 18-22 once my first ETA arrived. My best guess is that being a little rural and not a high demand Mache dealer, my car kept getting pushed when there was not room an a truck. The other theory was there was something wrong with my car but I don't think they...
  14. The Build Week 1/24/2021 Club

    My agony may be over... and not because I am ending things 🤪 (although was starting to look around) Ford initially got back to be saying the same thing as the online tracker of the end of April then said it looks like it just delivered. My reservation page just updated to complete purchase so...
  15. The Build Week 1/24/2021 Club

    Yeah, mine is a low volume Mache dealer as well. I do think that plays into this somehow. This is ridiculous though to be weeks different from the same rail yard.
  16. The Build Week 1/24/2021 Club

    I am thinking I will not hear from Ford today.
  17. The Build Week 1/24/2021 Club

    The last VVR did not show a trucking company. Only that it arrived in Wilmington on March 19th via train. I keep checking a few trucking companies with my vin that someone else posted (@CHeil402 Maybe?) but none recognize my VIN. I still await word from Ford on info. Starting to lightly look...
  18. The Build Week 1/24/2021 Club

    Don't feel bad, I am happy for you and everyone that gets their car. Someday I will join everyone. Be proud!
  19. The Build Week 1/24/2021 Club

    Nothing yet. Still no indication it is being delivered today (tracker, email, etc.) No news from my dealer or from Ford, although I do anticipate hearing from Ford today at some point with some sort of info.
  20. The Build Week 1/24/2021 Club

    ummm, I ordered January 2020 and still no car or word of one....sooooo Not much Joy left in this whole process for me.