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  1. New Owner - Question and an Observation

    It does seem odd (overly paranoid) that it would stay in nanny mode if you have your foot on the break with gear in reverse.
  2. Sell car and wait for Mach-E?

    1. There could be a customer of the dealer with specific timely requirements. IE: They had that and it was totaled. 2. Auction doesn't do good if the exact car spec is not available at auction in the same timeframe (ie: 5 day deadline). Also, dealer may know the condition of the car better...
  3. Designer points out the design TRICKERY On The MUSTANG MACH E

    In a world with kickbacks and sponsored endorsements? The Honda E reminds me of a Chevy Chevette in terms of exterior design. Not saying the Honda E is a bad design (and the interior looks better than the exterior IMHO), but his numerical rating for it makes little sense especially when...
  4. Michelin launches Pilot Sport EV Tires

    What evidence that you can't?
  5. Michelin launches Pilot Sport EV Tires

    How is that too big? The default size for GT is 20", and I think all models are capable of 18" to 20".
  6. Braking - updated?

    From what I heard they are most jumpy with one pedal unbridled mode. Is it possible you were in that previously and it a different mode when you tried to demonstrate? What mode were you in when they were "jumpy"?
  7. I test drove a ID.4 today (my comparison vs Mach-E)

    That's easy, you just floor it. In all the 3 modes, flooring the pedal gives max power.
  8. So many issues with Mach-E? A bit disappointed!

    They are similar in that they are both being nitpicky about terms that are valid in ICE vehicles, and although similar functions are provided, technically not implemented the same on an EV so the term isn't accurate.
  9. So many issues with Mach-E? A bit disappointed!

    Even with Ford's problems they are handling it better than Tesla with a decade of experience of EV cars. Unlike reports about Tesla, so far it sounds like Ford is working with customers to resolve the issues, and that's the important part.
  10. JD Powers review?

    They have a review (or at least test drive impressions ), just not the ratings. They don't have ratings for the Tesla Model Y either. I am guessing they need to be out a little long with costumer ratings and safety...
  11. Harnessing Mach-e power for home outage?

    Best i can tell it's not likely to work outside of betas until 2025 or later and probably need a new vehicle designed to support it (although depending on the hardware, maybe a software could update it). If someone gets it working with a mach e, I will be pleasantly surprised and want to get it...
  12. Harnessing Mach-e power for home outage?

    I like the idea, but seems like it would need to be supported by the vehicle to not void the warranty on the battery. Do they have a list of vehicles it's compatible with?
  13. VW ID.4 Unveiled Today

    Doug score Model Y Performance 68/100 Mach E Premium 65/100 ID4 50/100
  14. Michelin launches Pilot Sport EV Tires

    That can't be right, according to the hype train that all maintenance is less on BEVs. ;)
  15. Dead Low Voltage Battery (LVB) -- Followed by Stuck in Park

    Not sure on the Mach E, but I know on my Dodge it depends on the location you are plugged into. Some shut off when the radio/etc shut off and some stay on 24x7.
  16. Dead Low Voltage Battery (LVB) -- Followed by Stuck in Park

    Yes we do (at least some do). Some people call it a vacation when they go camping.

    If you combine both your responses it's getting closer... Check for updates. Install updates. Reboot Clear diagnostic trouble codes Cross your fingers
  18. Dead Low Voltage Battery (LVB) -- Followed by Stuck in Park

    It's serious feature of the door latch design. It stores a charge so that the door can be opened. That said, I think it is mainly designed to exit the vehicle in case of emergency and battery is dead / disconnected. It probably isn't good for getting into the vehicle (especially if it's not...

    I would be very surprised if the versions didn't show with a OBD scanner. That is one of the basic features... Might also show on the software versions as described here without a scanner:

    So, it sounded like the PCM and SOBDM needed updating. Would be good to know the previous and current (fixed, assuming fixed) versions.