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  1. machefan

    Door not closing

    They can’t apparently and we all at some point will need go to the dealer for a “software” tune up.
  2. machefan

    Haven’t gotten my extra 250 kWh. You?

    Let me rephrase my thoughts, it would be nice if folks search for answers first. Too many threads asking for the same info or asking for info on something that has already been discussed. sorry to rant
  3. machefan

    Ford Service in Phoenix Metro

    Interesting you would think I typed that long thread for fun. I worked for two weeks directly with Ford Engineering after my MME was in the shop for two weeks (DCFC module replaced, software updates). Returned home and the same issues, after much back and forth with Ford the FE's thought it was...
  4. machefan

    RR FE - POWERTRAIN FAULT - Update 3/26 - Issue Identified

    Bump, Ford is still working on it.
  5. machefan

    Ford Service in Phoenix Metro

    FYI, I created a long thread on two of your issues (service soon and red ring) I was the first to bring it to Ford Engineering. Searching the forum could have saved you many hours dealing with the dealer. Oh well, it’s a interference issue at your location. It turned out to be Ethernet over...
  6. machefan

    My speedometer is broken...

    5.6 (1 foot lead) but I was on a slight incline and I think you have to disable traction control to achieve maximum time. Was just playing with it. I still have to find a flat straight away so I can do multiple tests with.
  7. machefan

    My speedometer is broken...

    Dragy GPS speed counter, it’s certified fast :) I didn’t get a great punch either, so not bad at all. The 1 foot lead counter is ideal for the MME due to the way it engages.
  8. machefan

    My brand new Mustang Mach E doesn’t run!!

    Did you pre-order or purchase off the lot? If share the VIN and we can provide more details on your build date. The forum would be more helpful and able to give you more information of what has gone down in the last 5 months.
  9. machefan

    My brand new Mustang Mach E doesn’t run!!

    Your delivery / build date would put you in the “stopship” with extra QC group. What was your build date?
  10. machefan

    My brand new Mustang Mach E doesn’t run!!

    Strange that there were only 3 miles at pickup, the dealer PDI says to put at least a 2 on it after delivery. We have been seeing most delivered with 15 give or take a few miles.
  11. machefan

    Ford giving Mach-E owners additional 250kWh complimentary DC charging - total 500kWh

    Got my 500 as well, want to say in the last day or so.
  12. machefan

    Disable Backup Beeping?

    Or just add a resistor inline to reduce the volume but not eliminate it. It's a tight squeeze under there, I would venture to say you need to raise it about 6 inches to give you a foot of clearance.
  13. machefan

    My car arrived, but when I got there the car had issues with charging and OTA

    Hopefully they took it out of transport mode which I will guess yes. Mine came in with an ABS problem, it was resolved by the dealer that day. Turned out to be a lose cable etc. There is no such thing as a lemon MME, whatever is wrong will be resolved. The car is very modular in nature...
  14. machefan

    First 48 Hours with my New MME

    Lots to devour for sure, I spoke with a Ford FE yesterday and they are still working on it. Just to confirm, where were you when the notice first came up?
  15. machefan

    Paint Protection Film (PPF) such as XPEL for Mach-E

    Any chance on finding a picture or part number? I’m very interested in putting mine back on with the same setup.
  16. machefan

    Front License Plate Bracket Delete - Does it work?

    Question is what size and type to get? The video is for a BMW, the size hole from the factory rivets are larger. I got two from bumper plugs but I am stuck on spending another 30 for one piece of plastic. I got touchup paint already.
  17. machefan

    Haven’t gotten my extra 250 kWh. You?

    No go here, guess it's a really slow roll.
  18. machefan

    Trunk opened on its own and hit the garage door... Come on Ford!!!

    I agree, looks like the shadow of the light triggered the trunk.