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  1. stmache

    Out of Spec: Kyle's return trip from CA to CO was much better

    All I know, when I get mine, I am going to put glass cleaning stuff under the rear trunk or in the frunk. Only thing I will miss at gas stations is the glass cleaning tools. :rolleyes:
  2. stmache

    Thread for people who haven't gotten their Mach-E's yet to be grumpy in

    Probably in transit to KC unless it shows as delivered. Mine is like yours, it was due next week and then slipped a month. Mine showed up in KC on 4/8 but no updates since.
  3. stmache

    A couple data points on miles/kwh

    Sounds like Route 81. 🚘
  4. stmache

    Charging at hotel poll

    Many hotels have Tesla Destination chargers which would make having an adaptor worthwhile if you stay there. I have stayed at a couple hotels with L2 chargers. I was not charged for using them. I made it a point to call them ahead of time to verify they were working and what the hotel's...
  5. stmache

    Ok Finally My Turn!!!!

    Awesome looking! It took me awhile to get used to my Honda Clarity's Lane Keeping system. Was wondering why you haven't tried wireless Carplay?
  6. stmache

    I got STRIPES!!

    I wondered how over the top stripes would work with the glass roof. Came out much better than I would have imagined. 🤞
  7. stmache

    Track Your Mach-E Order by VIN # and Order #

    Today it showed up at KC on Palsapp. I can't believe it is going to take another 50 days to get to upstate NY.
  8. stmache

    Front License Plate Bracket Delete - Does it work?

    I wish they saw the Forum commentary a few months ago. Oh, well, it is what it is and am glad future owners will have a choice.
  9. stmache

    Thread for people who haven't gotten their Mach-E's yet to be grumpy in

    Shazbot! After having a rock solid ETA of 4/22 since my Mach-E was built back on 3/2, today it slipped to 5/29. Was really hoping Ford had gotten the transportation worked out by now. Will keep checking palsapp to see when it reaches KC. Maybe by the beginning of May. Or, maybe it will show up...
  10. stmache

    Anyone found a front window sunshade?

    They are listing one now at Comes in Silver or Gold.
  11. stmache

    Track Your Mach-E Order by VIN # and Order #

    Well, my ETA just slipped from 4/22 to 5/29. I know this has happened to a few others and then the car still showed up around the original ETA. Either way, gives me another month to load up the downpayment.
  12. stmache

    Submitted Orders # Tracking List and Stats [Enter Yours]

    If you have your Reservation Order Number (sometimes called the Dealer Order Number), you might be able to retrieve your VIN now. I was able to get mine 5 weeks before Ford emailed it to me. Go to this link for the details...
  13. stmache

    Mach-E's in New York

    My Clarity has the same type of windshield. The honeycombed black mesh area around the rear view mirror will allow EZ-PASS to work.
  14. stmache

    Mach-E's in New York

    Congrats and welcome! Don't forget to share some photos with us. Please, share your NY location if you feel comfortable. My ETA has never wavered from 4/22 (knock on wood!).
  15. stmache

    Submitted Orders # Tracking List and Stats [Enter Yours]

    That is a very optimistic ETA. Mine was sent to shipping on 3/4 with an ETA of 4/22. Still has not shown up at KC but, to meet the ETA, it should be soon.
  16. stmache


    Congrats! My ETA has stayed rock solid at 4/22/21 though still hasn't shown up at KC as of this morning.
  17. stmache

    PALSAPP - It’s GONE! :)

    Thank you but my Mach-E has still not reached KC.
  18. stmache

    Comment by 'stmache' in item 'My Analog Driving Machine'

    Now, here's a car that could use an EV refresh. Car makers are not yet in the position to make fun EVs here in the US. Europe and China have them. :(
  19. stmache

    Is this a Dealer Trend for the Mach-E?

    Yes, the Loaners or FCTP vehicles for the local dealers are all AWD EX cars. Again, people will test drive them and hear the EPA Estimated range of 270. Then, if they want to buy...will be shown SR on the lot or have to wait months if they want the extended battery. I don't know how that's going...
  20. stmache

    PALSAPP - It’s GONE! :)

    Sure looks like it. I bet any VIN starting with 3FMTK3R is rejected. Wish I kept the VIN of the Ford Ranger being shipped along my Mach-E to see if that still worked.