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  1. Designer points out the design TRICKERY On The MUSTANG MACH E

    That Buick, though.... Wow! I have to agree with his assessment: impressive design. Just beautiful. About 8-10 years ago, Buick had a concept car called the Avenir. It was gorgeous, with a long hood, and lines that evoked the Art Deco designs of the 1920s and 30s. Like so many others from...
  2. OTA Update 4/8/2021 - Have You Noticed What's Changed?

    I have a friend who works in Ford Marketing. Although she is not in the group that supports the MME, she encouraged me to send her notes from time to time on what should be addressed in terms of features and functions. I sent her a long note yesterday; among other things, I specifically called...
  3. Out of Spec: Kyle’s first long trip in the MME

    Ford does Plug and Charge with EA. When it works, it's great. But unless you live (or travel) in a place with a LOT of non-Tesla EVs, EA is just hot garbage.
  4. Out of Spec: Kyle’s first long trip in the MME

    I've used ChargePoint DC as recently as this past Wednesday. Much better experience than EA (which is a cruel joke). Plugged in the charger and it just worked.
  5. Video: The Mach-E is not the Mustang we know and love | Jason Cammisa on the Icons

    Totally agree with his comment about EA. They've let me down all three times I've used them. Their total suck is next level.
  6. Farewell Ron Heiser, Welcome Donna Dickson as MME Chief Engineer

    This car will make him a legend among automotive industry enthusiasts as the original Mustang did for Lee Iacocca (I can forgive Lee for the K Car; but, Ron, please don't follow in THOSE footsteps).
  7. Let Ford (Mike Levine) know if you see dealer ADM on Mach-E

    You've heard of politics? Most dealers are MAJOR donors to political parties and elected representatives. That's why states like Michigan are deeply entrenched with the dealership model and will change to the Tesla model (i.e. OEM-direct) when hell freezes over. Moreover, the U.S. Gov made GM...
  8. Can't deal with the bouncy ride anymore after two weeks with the Mach-E. What do I do?

    I am starting to wonder how much of the ride quality problems are due to expectations. I've noticed them, too, but not nearly to the degree that my wife has when she rides in my MME. She is far more susceptible to motion sickness than I am, and every bounce or wobble in the car causes her inner...
  9. What are your Electric Rates

    When all of the charges and fees are included in the cost per kWH, it works out to $0.115 off-peak with DTE Energy. Peak rates are a bit more than twice that. I have my L2 charger on a separate meter and on an EV-specific rate program. Time of day off-peak is 11 PM to 7 AM weekdays, plus all-day...
  10. ID.4 Charging Curve: Lessons for Mach E Software Team

    That's exactly my problem as well. And with the standard range battery only able to achieve 210 miles under ideal conditions, Dayton isn't reachable in my car on a single charge.
  11. ID.4 Charging Curve: Lessons for Mach E Software Team

    He's also in California where there are fewer losses due to temp. In summer, his hypothesis is correct (and it's what I experienced when I drove a few hundred miles in a single day when the outside temp was 71F).
  12. ID.4 Charging Curve: Lessons for Mach E Software Team

    We'd almost have to count on it. But traveling through Ohio, DCFC stations that kick out 150W are few, so the likelihood is that the stops will be required simply because there aren't enough locations that can recharge the battery.
  13. ID.4 Charging Curve: Lessons for Mach E Software Team

    I've been using ABRP to look at routes between my home in Michigan and places in TN and FL. Granted, I've only got the std battery, but the charge rate to 80% is a really big deal if such a trip is ever to be practical. As it is, a 45 min stop every 100-120 miles to recharge is preposterous...
  14. First OTA update for Mach-E coming March 18 tomorrow

    Former acoustics engineer here ... Probably not. Active Noise Cancelation works best on harmonic noise sources (like motors, etc.). Intermittent sounds like "buzz, squeak and rattle" are nonlinear, and don't lend themselves well to cancelation. Wind noise is also random (as is some tire noise)...
  15. Audi to Stop Developing ICE Vehicles

    It used to be that companies were in business to "make money." Then, tech companies showed the world that "shareholder value" and "profitability" could be mutually exclusive.
  16. How does it stand up to the elements / rodents?

    Let 'em bite into the battery pack. They'll learn.
  17. Any early adopters with buyer remorse?

    None at all - I love my MME; it's the best car I've ever owned. I wish I had the extended range battery, which would give me more flexibility in long trips, but I didn't spec the car. My only complaint is with the FordPass app which frankly sucks.
  18. EVSE 48A (Hardwired) vs 40A (Plug In)

    I have an older Siemens PowerMax charger that my local utility company (DTE Energy) installed at their expense 8 years ago when I got my Fusion Energi. It is capable of just 30A, but it’s plenty for charging overnight. Additionally, DTE installed a separate meter when they hardwired the charger...
  19. Real condition winter test Mach-E vs Tesla vs Audi E-Tron

    My own experience over the last month of Mach E ownership is in the same range (2.1 - 3.1, depending on my driving behaviors and outside temp). At $0.12/kWh to recharge the car at home during off-peak hours, my energy costs are pretty reasonable, all things considered.