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  1. SteveJo

    Don't open if your faint of heart.

    Passenger side has lesser but significant damage, and it does look like a rollover all kidding aside.
  2. SteveJo

    Don't open if your faint of heart.

    Interesting damage pattern. Almost looks like it was driven real fast into a really, really, really tight parking space. 🤷‍♂️
  3. SteveJo

    How to place Mach-E into neutral

    In fact, in my stopped MME, even with "engine running," when I pull back the door release, the car shifts to Park instantly (with the doors still closed and asses still in the seats.)
  4. SteveJo

    Huge screen with zero Entertainment options !

    I received the CarPlay AI Box in about 10 days from this AliExpress seller: Para a apple carplay ai box 4gb + 32gb, caixa universal do jogador dos multimédios de android do carro, ligação sem fio do espelho, plug and play, caixa da tevê automática|Reprodutor multimídia automotivo| - AliExpress...
  5. SteveJo

    Three days of ownership and only two gripes

    From outside, it sounds like Luke Skywalker's speeder. I like it.
  6. SteveJo

    I Think I’ve Figured Out PaaK

    The Remote Function Actuation (RFA) module is used to control the key fob and tire pressure sensor readings for the vehicle. This part is sometimes referred to as the “key fob antenna”. So this may be the culprit per: SSM 49730 - Phone As A Key (PAAK) Concerns Of Bluetooth Disconnected...
  7. SteveJo

    I Think I’ve Figured Out PaaK

    From my personal experience and research... It's unlikely PaaK would require any network services to function. Latency would be a significant concern, and what about trips to areas w/o cellular. Ford would have to notate that. Wouldn't they? The fob does not require a network. Car and fob have...
  8. SteveJo

    Scheduled departure vs. Remote start

    I really appreciate your taking the time to help me with this, John. You mention following "all those instructions." Where are those? Tks again. BTW, I can get the shortcut(s) on my Watch, but I can't figure out out to link them to the car.
  9. SteveJo

    Scheduled departure vs. Remote start

    Is there a way to use the shortcuts functionality to start the car using the Apple Watch? I can't figure out how to do that, esp. now that FordPass not recognized by watch OS.
  10. SteveJo

    Do you use the fob or your phone for your everyday driving

    I'm using 10 and I don't believe I had a choice to use fewer then that. 🤷‍♂️
  11. SteveJo

    FordPass Removed From Apple Watch

    Update today removed app from Apple Watch. They giveth. They taketh away... They sucketh... ;)
  12. SteveJo

    TSB 21-2091 - 12-Volt Battery Becomes Discharged While The Vehicle Is Plugged In During the High Voltage Charging Process

    These links were working for me, but not anymore. I took delivery on Feb. 13.
  13. SteveJo

    Fun With Ponies - How Many Mustang Logos Do You Count?

    There's another one under the vehicle in the rear...
  14. SteveJo

    Chances of Ford really doing OTA's?

    or didn't change.
  15. SteveJo

    Chances of Ford really doing OTA's?

    My OTA came in mid-afternoon on the 25th while I was sitting in the car in full-accessories mode. Have noticed since that PaaK seems to have improved, but still has too many Key Not Detected issues.
  16. SteveJo

    SHADOW BLACK Mach-E Club

    This might hide the roof too much... Vantablack swallows everything it's painted on - CNET
  17. SteveJo

    Part of My Roof Shattered / Cracked

    Perhaps to avoid setting a pano-precedent?