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  1. Mach-E AWD vs Tesla Model 3 AWD vs XXXX ?

    I love my MME, but I only have about 3,500 miles, so...? I think either choice will be fine.
  2. 1500 Mile Delivery Road Trip Home In a New Mach-E

    I completely agree. And I think, but I'm not sure, if you use the EA app and are paying $4/month, it's 0.31/kwhr, not 0.4x/kwhr. I mean, you just tap, tap, and slide on your phone, and it's charging. Not really a big deal.
  3. 1500 Mile Delivery Road Trip Home In a New Mach-E

    I would change that to say, "No one can reasonably argue that _DC Fast Charging_ is as quick and as easy..." Because 95 percent of my charging, and I have 30,000 miles driving EVs, is much easier than gas pumps. I use, of course, L2 chargers at home and at work. So if 90-95% of "refueling"...
  4. Out of Spec: Kyle’s first long trip in the MME

    I have used maybe a half dozen different EA chargers in the midwest, mostly Colorado, and they have worked fine. Once or twice, I've had to call them to reset the unit, but that was over twelve months ago. Sometimes I have to hold the cord up for ten seconds when connecting. But EA is a success...
  5. Rear ended in Hit & Run

    very sorry to hear it.
  6. 1500 Mile Delivery Road Trip Home In a New Mach-E

    My two cents: I have had an EA account for about 18 months. I don't use the FordPass app, for several reasons. I simply use my EA app, which was recently updated to a slicker interface, and I always get the reduced pricing. I know that P&C is all the rage, and I agree that charging should work...
  7. Entry Versus Start Pass Codes?

    I didn't use FordPass I use either the fob or the 5 digit code, which works great. But I've always liked the Ford key code deal. Fast, nothing to carry. fwiw
  8. Another road trip post, Mach-E range over a 600 mile california trip

    Agreed. I think that the MME's DCFC charge rate is quite temperature sensitive. Slow in cold weather, and apparently excellent in very warm weather.
  9. Insight into why the Mach-E battery charge strategy is so conservative

    Downsides, I think, are the lack of clarity for small objects and the fact that it doesn't work when covered with snow or ice. I use it sometimes, and I use the mirror sometimes. Both work well for different things. If the camera/mirror had higher resolution, that would help with everything...
  10. Insight into why the Mach-E battery charge strategy is so conservative

    I have about 1,500 miles driving a MME and 20k+ driving a Bolt. The MME's regen braking has the feature of always coming to a full stop, and strong regen in reverse. The Bolt doesn't do those as well. If you fully charge the Bolt, the regen basically doesn't work until you discharge the...
  11. Software update speculation and wish list.

    I would like a much more realistic range estimation, real time display of miles/kwhr, and the ability to override the route that Ford demands, when it doesn't think that (based upon an overly pessimistic range estimation) the car can go directly to the destination without a DCFC stop.
  12. First OTA update coming soon for Mach-E

    I have Android 11 on my Pixel 4, and I can't get AA to work. No big deal, but...?
  13. First OTA update coming soon for Mach-E

    Thanks for your comments. I appreciate that you are here and replying. Nice.
  14. Alex on Autos: Mach-E range test - can it go 270 miles?

    Fast comment: as to conservative being good on range estimation, on my FE, it is a pain in the a$$. Here's why: I have a specific, often driven trip, that exceeds the range estimate of the MME's software. But the car will do that range: I know it, because I can do math--2.5 mi/kwhr times 88...
  15. Alex on Autos: Mach-E range test - can it go 270 miles?

    I laughed when I read your "personality cult" comment, but to be fair, not every Tesla owner is that way. I've met several who are pretty balanced. As in all things internet, the worst aspects get amplified... Sigh.
  16. 4.1 Miles/KWH achieved in Mach-E on 266 mile trip!

    Good post. I agree. I've driven very fast for a long time, but I'm beginning to wonder about the morality of running 82 mph on the interstate, instead of 75. It uses up a lot more energy for a much proportionally smaller decrease in trip time. Essentially, driving overly fast is saying to...
  17. Under The Mach-E Hood / Frunk: motor components, electrical control hardware, and DIY maintenance point

    Thanks for posting this! I found it very interesting. Nice work.
  18. Edmunds: Mach E vs. Tesla Model Y comparison review

    The MME has lane centering (not lane keeping) and it works quite well, in my opinion. It will track a highway curve almost perfectly, but it requires that you have to touch the wheel every ten seconds, so you do have to keep your hands on the steering. If you don't, you get warnings on the dash...