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  1. UK Customers

    Will you be able to connect any smart charger to the FordPass app or only the Ford charger?
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  3. UK Customers

    There was also a techy from Ford in the showroom who confused me. He seemed to be saying that the Ford Pass app would get you into the vehivle but not start just a phone as half a key. But he also said that AT THE MOMENT they were planning to only provide one fob but that may have...
  4. UK Customers

    They did have rapid red. I didn't take a photo as it shows up very differently in different lights/photos/videos. They did have rapid red but no photos. There was a smaller car in the showroom but dunno if it was a Kuga - forgot to look. Sorry. However it was what I'd call a tomato soup red...
  5. UK Customers

    Visited dealer today for test drive. Apparently they were told this morning no test drives, jsut a walk round and sit in. Big disappointment but anyway it is nice - even better in the flesh than any of the videos. Dealer explained that re the £3K, if the car was registered with OLEV (by the...
  6. UK Customers

    I can't get into my order today in my Ford account so can no longer see the figures or even if it is sstill "in production". Should I be worried?
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    I got word today my slot tomorrow isncludes a test drive
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    Here's aa tietable of the events 22-24 March 25-27 March Bridgend Stoneacre - York Days - Swansea Hendy Ford Portsmouth 29-31 March 1-3 April Pye Motors Park’s Ford Perth Fordthorne BSM Birmingham 5-7 April 8-10 April Park’s Ford Inverness BSM...
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    I'm in Perth and they are getting 3 Mach-es on 1 -3 April for viewing and I hope test driving. I am booked in on the 2nd. He also said they had 11 cars on order and they would all be on the first ship but no delivery date be known unutil they docked. So I dunno if any of it is true.
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    I presume that the pre-heating etc is a function of the car and not the ford charger so you can get any charger you want and set times through the ford pass app
  11. Tracker “Transit Date” is 26

    I don't know - I have Production Date 2020-12-09 Ship Date 2021-02-05 Transit Date 03 So that ship date is over a month ago but I just got an email last week saying it was scheduled for build........... it would seem that the mystery continues.
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    Thanks for that.
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    Excuse my ignorance but what is Vista and can we access it?
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    Phew, thanks. Any idea what an average time from scheduled to build to in transit might be?
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    oops, today delivery has slipped a day to 15 June
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    I got htis one I have "productionDate": "2020-12-09, "shipmentDate": "2021-02-05", Got the email at end of last week saying mine was scheduled for build but it has been showing "in production" for a couple of weeks or so now. Going in to the response bit on the order page the estimated...
  17. UK Customers

    My VIN is 042xx and anticipated delivery date has just gone from 28/5 to 14/6. Bugger!
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    got an email yesterday saying mine was now in build. RWD ER