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    Using Waze on Apple Car Play on MME

    There always this way to access content without restrictions:
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    Hyundai Ioniq 5 -- The next generation of EVs

    ALready here:
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    Ford Mach-E LR AWD range test by TeslaBjorn

    Not the same thing as in this thread.
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    Ford Mach-E LR AWD range test by TeslaBjorn

    All the results
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    ARTICLES Compilation: Mach-E First Drive Reviews
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    What's the Reason for the Delay?!

    They are just helping out to make the MachEforum busier.
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    Tutorial - how to watch videos etc on the Mach-E Sync screen

    The following works on any car that has Android Auto or Apple CarPlay built in. Never use this while driving, thank you. You need the following gadget, 188€ or 222 US$ at the time of writing. Its 100% plug and play, no skills needed.
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    Charging Etiquette

    Its not for meant for parking, its only there for charging. When your EV has charged to the percentage you wish, you leave (or move your car to a non charging spot and free the charger for others to use).
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    Hey Ford, Mach-E needs a heatpump

    Hey Ford, you made a great EV but Mach-E needs an option for a heatpump in the future models for us living in the colder climates.
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    Preproduction Mach-E in dealership tour in Turku, Finland 4.12.2020.