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  1. Rear ended in Hit & Run

    Glad you guys are ok. We all really enjoy your videos.
  2. Ford Mach-E Reservation Details Viewer

    You actually find time to sleep? ;)
  3. Ford Mach-E Reservation Details Viewer

    Hi Seg . Smooth as silk. Thanks again.!!!
  4. First encounter with a “Not a Mustanger”.

    I was about to present my airline ticket and license at the security checkpoint at the Ft. Lauderdale airport. While looking at my wallet I hear, “ I don’t know if I can let you through “. I look up at the TSA guy and ask, “how come?” He motions at my chest with his head and says , “you should...
  5. Chances of Ford really doing OTA's?

    Thanks again. You have made this adventure very enjoyable for a lot of people. I will pay it forward whenever I can. Peace.
  6. This is the reason it will be hard for Ford to compete with Tesla

    I am sorry but in my opinion you are way out of touch. You can sell direct and have great Ford direct service centers in place of franchised “dealers” if you were really forced into it by a free market, which due to Byzantine “dealer” protection laws, we do not have yet. I hate to be blunt...
  7. Ford Mach-E Reservation Details Viewer

    . You just brightened up a rainy day on Lawn Guyland! Works! Thanks!
  8. Difficult Test drive experience

    The whole time while reading your story all I am thinking is “another awful, lying dealer”. After you mentioned that it is possible that there might be racial overtones involved, am now thinking, holy crap, how it must’ve felt to be in your shoes. So either they are racist, lying incompetent...
  9. Calculated average days between Order to Build, Order to Delivery, and Build to Delivery

    Calling him an idiot is an insult to idiots, calling him a dealer is more accurate. I don’t believe he gave you a correct estimate. He would have been better off saying that he didn’t know, then checked with Ford and given you a more informed answer. They just never learn.
  10. "Ford Options" Mach-E Lease vs standard lease - similarities and differences

    How many bad dealer stories are we going to keep hearing about? Isn’t it a shame that the same incompetent and thieving shenanigans are still going on in 2021? When will it ever end? Cue the following responses: “all dealers aren’t bad”. “Tesla is worse”. Blah Blah Blah. Please step in Ford...
  11. Ford Mach-E Reservation Details Viewer

    Worked for me. You did a great job building this and especially ELI5!
  12. I got my build date today. Here's my timeline...

    Hi all. Ordered 10/6/20 Premium ER AWD Space white Grey interior. 5/24/21 build date too. Long Island NY. Very excited.
  13. Day 2 of our Mach-E Test Drive: (Co-Pilot 360, Park Assist, Android Auto, 1 Pedal Driving)

    They take a little time to learn. A Fat Tire trike is on my wishlist. Will let you know if I find anything but I am sure our forum friends will have an the hitch options posted here minutes after they are ready to go.
  14. Day 2 of our Mach-E Test Drive: (Co-Pilot 360, Park Assist, Android Auto, 1 Pedal Driving)

    Nice Trike Liv! Wife and I have 2 wheel recumbents that I load onto a hitch rack. I hope they come up with a hitch option/aftermarket soon. Thanks for posting.
  15. Pushed Over the Edge.

  16. Ford Options...Ugh

    I have the secret re working with dealers. Pull a Constanza. If your first instinct tells you to count on a car dealer to help you and make buying a car a fun and rewarding experience, do the opposite. Deal with them as little as possible and count on our friends hear to show you the light. “Hi...