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  1. Red light on ford connected charger

    I agree that EVSEs are outside Ford’s core competencies. Not my problem though. They chose to work with some other company to manufacture something, then slapped their name on it. I’m not going to waste my time chasing down Joe’s EVSE’s and Fish Tanks of my Ford Branded EVSE has a problem. I’m...
  2. I Drove to Work and I Have Questions

    Thanks! That’s valuable insight too! I’m planning a very short “roadtrip” to St. Michael’s on the Eastern Shore in a few weeks. It should be interesting to see how the car does. It will be warm enough (well above 40) that I shouldn’t hit any temperature penalties, the route should be fairly...
  3. I Drove to Work and I Have Questions

    Thanks! I did mean to say MPG of course and just wasn’t thinking while typing 😳
  4. Why no Google Earth?

    To be honest, I don’t think the Mustang Mach E’s graphics system would do Google Earth justice. I’ve begun to notice that there is some lag and stutter in rendering the very basic graphic elements and GUI it has right now. I’m not sure how smoothly it would handle rendering a 3-D, texture-mapped...
  5. Foiled by CarPlay!

    Howard Stern is still a thing? Gosh, I remember him being on the radio in New York City when I graduated from college. We would listen to him on our crystal sets when we weren’t tinkering around with our Model As. Seriously, the guys like a relic from the Regan era. Like Anita Bryant and Wham! Ugh.
  6. Oops

    I believe a wise man once said that’s what the little magnifying glass at the upper right is for 😀😀😀
  7. Most common non-owner questions

    How to tell it’s NOT a Tesla: 1. Body parts aren’t falling off 2. The paint job doesn’t look like it was done by a bunch of stoned high school students in shop class 3. The radar cruise control doesn’t have a propensity to plow into stopped objects. 4. it’s actually good-looking 😀😀😀
  8. Foiled by CarPlay!

    Yep. I have that and listen for Hey Siri.
  9. Most common non-owner questions

    Questions I get: 1. What is that? (Mustang Mach E - the electric Mustang) 2. That's a MUSTANG? (Yes, it is a Mustang) 3. Is it fast?/How fast is it? (It's fast enough :) I talk about acceleration) 4. Do you like it? (YES!) 5. How far can you go with it? (Depends, I equate it to the Escape it...
  10. Foiled by CarPlay!

    Ok, testing results (TL;DR - total fail) First, I toggled Screen Lock Override to ON Got into the car, placed phone on the pad, locked. Started driving, said "Siri, tune Alt Nation: (remember "Tune Alt Nation" is the name of one of the Siri Shortcuts I created). Siri gave the response about not...
  11. Ford Mustang Mach-E Launch Delivery Volume Among Highest In EV History

    That bad, huh? I have a buddy from college who is all in on Tesla - owns a boatload of TSLA stock, but won’t buy their cars. Is quite content with his huge Dino-juice drinking monster SUVs that he requires for his wifey and ONE kid! Now, he’s decided he wants to put in solar and won’t even...
  12. SSM 49737 - Audio Inoperative - No Sound From Audio Speakers - No Communication With ACM Or DSP - DTC U1084, U0237 And/Or U0238

    Ford has really got to release a version of the luggage compartment trim that makes the 12V battery more accessible, since it appears it frequently needs to be accessed. Perhaps in the next iteration of the vehicle, they can just stick it in the passenger cabin in the center console or something 😀
  13. I Drove to Work and I Have Questions

    Thanks. Still, the variations do seem somewhat high. I guess I’ll get used to it.
  14. Ford Mustang Mach-E Launch Delivery Volume Among Highest In EV History

    You have my sympathies. I’ve been in your shoes, continuously refreshing websites, tracking various modes of transport, etc. the wait is worth it!
  15. 1 Pedal and Adaptive Cruise Not Available

    I would try repeating what you’re doing except come to a full and complete stop before moving the dial from reverse to drive, then see what happens. Also, you’ve answered a question I’ve always wondered about and have been afraid to find out the answer to: it IS possible to change from Reverse...
  16. Ford Help Desk Phone Number - Here it is

    In another thread, someone mentioned speaking to the "OTA Department", but didn't provide any information. I just got off the phone with Ford, and wanted to provide the information I just received. First, there is a direct help desk for support with onboard systems. The phone number is...
  17. First OTA update for Mach-E coming March 18 tomorrow

    And, just as we have the 1/24 build thread and the other thread for people who hadn’t gotten their cars to commiserate in (the name escapes me), people sharing that they haven’t been updated is helpful in that it lets them know that “they’re not the only ones”, and it provides everyone with an...
  18. Foiled by CarPlay!

    Wasn’t Billy West on Babylon 5?
  19. Texas Sun and glass roof - how is it?

    “The More You Know!” 🌈
  20. Can't use dial pad on car play???

    You ARE driving a “Real Mustang”. Bill Ford said so and, in case you have not noticed, his family name is on the windshield of your Mustang 😀