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  1. Toyota Mirai Owners; There Is No Fuel And We Want Out Of These Cars

    These all sound great, except... - CNG tank pressure is 3600psi. Currently you have to locate filling stations a few hundred feet from anything. Fueling process safety is a large concern. - GM had catastrophic failures of CNG fuel systems on a few vehicles. This caused almost all CNG vehicle...
  2. Tracker for the MME

    Having a tracker installed is redundant. Your car sends periodically, or can be asked, where it is at any time. As you mentioned, you can use the "Maps" tab in FordPass to look at its location. If you vehicle was actually stolen, your authorized local law enforcement could call Ford and get...
  3. Toyota Mirai Owners; There Is No Fuel And We Want Out Of These Cars

    Hydrogen is great for rockets. Some common fuel's energy density below. The perfect fuel is in the upper right. The least desirable in the lower left. The upper left is where "size matters". Tons of energy in a small package. The package might be heavy, though. The lower right is where...
  4. Jeep Wrangler Magneto EV

    When the Bronco goes BEV, your Jeep days will be over, lol....
  5. TSB 21-2091 - 12-Volt Battery Becomes Discharged While The Vehicle Is Plugged In During the High Voltage Charging Process

    Yes. Pro tip for builds before Feb 3 that haven't received an OTA: Don't charge to 100%, then plug in the charger again while still at 100% charge.
  6. Firmware vs Software - a Key Difference

    Yep, calibration is just a data map or parameter map. The base "app" is not normally affected by a calibration change. You might have base neural net software on the PCM, and the "calibration" is just the data maps and training data. Normally firmware or software is only a definition of the...
  7. I Think I’ve Figured Out PaaK

    But your car knows when you go to the beer store... lol.
  8. I Think I’ve Figured Out PaaK

    I think some of the other experts will chime in, but... Paak uses Bluetooth. Bluetooth takes about 5 to 10 seconds to "handshake" and establish communication. So if you approach your vehicle, and the phone connects to the car 5-10 seconds before you get there, PaaK will work well. Fast...
  9. 2022 Mach-E changes?

    Very minor changes. 99% likely rolled out to the 2021.
  10. High miles at time of delivery.

    I think a car is technically "new" if it has not been titled, but the unofficial limit for Ford is 250 miles.
  11. Select RWD vs Premium Ex4, help me decide

    The glass roof is nice. Lots of opinions here about it, so I will give you some facts: - Ford uses a glass roof on many models. Durability is a 0% issue. - The roof is slightly proud (higher front edge) of the windshield by design. This is similar to other Ford products. Unfortunately, in...
  12. Disable Backup Beeping?

    Yes... if I remember, the INTENT of the rule was for legally blind pedestrian protection, not all pedestrians. A sighted pedestrian can see the vehicle about to mow him/her down anyway... no sound required, just like with any vehicle. The primary worry was a stopped or slowly moving vehicle...
  13. Let Ford (Mike Levine) know if you see dealer ADM on Mach-E

    Show me the law you sponsored to change this, and I will vote for it.
  14. SSM 49672 – Front Luggage Compartment Closing Effort

    You are correct... the volume of air needed to be pushed from the frunk area is quite large, the close time of the hood is short, and the hood is very light. To make things worse, you have a nice seal between the hood and frunk to keep dirt from the road out. You would likely need to cut out...
  15. Rivian Announces Proprietary Charging Network (plus public charging)

    Ford didn't partner with Rivian, Ford OWNS $500 Million of Rivian. Ford wanted them to make a Lincoln vehicle, but their vehicle development process is too slow right now. Ford can do it twice as fast (or faster) by themselves. Rivian is now in the "how do we make a lot of trucks" phase...
  16. First OTA update for Mach-E coming March 18 tomorrow

    The "By Invite Only Beta" folks should have gotten the OTA early. Likely it will be widely distributed if the beta folks report back good results.
  17. Tesla Autopilot Crash

    Having seen autonomous vehicles in action, and a generally good understanding of the state of lidar, machine vision, etc., I would say ANY sober human has far, far less of a chance of dying while driving themselves versus ANY autonomous system to date.
  18. Where & When's the GT & GT-P coming?

    None of the GT models are available on Management Lease. That may change, but there is almost zero chance the PE will be available.
  19. First OTA update for Mach-E coming March 18 tomorrow

    Due to underwhelming demand, here are the April pre-release Release Notes: - New Feature: FordPass now has an "Ctrl-Alt-Del" button. - PaaK will be renamed PsaaK (Phone sometimes as a Key). This change was made to better align the feature with actual functionality. - When using the PsaaK...