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  1. krafty81

    USB songs on shuffle?

    Got it will try. I did see that.
  2. krafty81

    Key Fobs not available?

    So my dealer promised me a second key fob when I asked for one. That was three months ago. Got the car and he says the fob is "on backorder". He probably did not order it until car came in, but that is another issue. Anyone have any luck finding these things?
  3. krafty81

    USB songs on shuffle?

    How can I set my USB to shuffle songs? Car sees it fine, I see other menus for the USB, but so far all it does is play alphabetical. It does not recognize a "shuffle songs" voice command but recognizes others just fine, like requesting a certain song. I am probably missing something simple!
  4. krafty81

    POLL: What New Features Do You Want the Most?

    Heads Up Display (HUD) - really can't believe we do not have it now as other Ford products do.
  5. krafty81

    Trunk opened on its own and hit the garage door... Come on Ford!!!

    You should have dealer check that. Mine works great.
  6. krafty81

    Transferring Custom Plates & Pending Renewal

    Do you have to be a AAA member?
  7. krafty81

    Is there a carpeted mat for the rear luggage area from Ford?

    Got a beautiful rear area carpeted mat from Lloyd's. Very thick , color match and fit is perfect! They cannot do logos yet due to Ford restrictions.
  8. krafty81

    Recommended charge percentage

    No locations ever show up at all.
  9. krafty81

    Recommended charge percentage

    This is what I get
  10. krafty81

    RR FE - POWERTRAIN FAULT - Update 3/26 - Issue Identified

    I have this issue. Only after my car has been in my garage.
  11. krafty81

    Powertrain Malfunction / Reduced Power

    You may be right! It only comes on pulling out of my garage. My solar system uses that I think. Will test.
  12. krafty81

    Recommended charge percentage

    I cannot get the "preferred charging locatoins" to show up. It does not show my current location where I am charging or previous. My Journeys does not work either.
  13. krafty81

    Clunky Transponders

    Just ordered the sticker. Goodbye clunky transponder!
  14. krafty81

    Recommended charge percentage

    How I do limit charging on a particular charger to 90%? Does not seem like I can do it in the app.
  15. krafty81

    Slow Charging

    Plug in.
  16. krafty81

    Powertrain Malfunction / Reduced Power

    I get this warning coming on the instrument cluster with a red wrench below about every three drives. Took it to the dealer, they had it for three days talking with Ford. They updated software and performed a TSB. The warning is back again, right after I drove it home. I can see no effect on the...
  17. krafty81

    Don't open if your faint of heart... Mach-E Crash

    Rolled it I bet.
  18. krafty81

    Slow Charging

    Thanks all. I have a 60A breaker w CP set at 40A. My app showed a charging rate of around 9 kw. Just looked at the chart again. 65kwh in 9 hours. Got me to 90%.
  19. krafty81

    Slow Charging

    My home CP works great, charges at over 11 KW/h. Set at 40A.