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  1. MailGuy

    IRS Letter & ADA Rebate

    As has been discussed on so many other threads you also of course need the tax liability to offset the credit.
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    IRS Letter & ADA Rebate

    I never have and I have never been audited. All you need is a VIN and an in service date that qualifies.
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    IRS Letter & ADA Rebate

    No such thing on any of the EV’s I have bought. It’s a trust system just like so many other credits. Save your purchase agreement with your other documentation.
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    IRS Letter & ADA Rebate

    Mine was taken directly off the purchase contract. Easy, peasy. I think this how Ford intended it to happen, but there’s a bit of variability across dealers it seems. I would press to get it now before you drive off. Ford likely has no mechanism to cut you a check.
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    Don't open if your faint of heart... Mach-E Crash

    Glad everyone is ok and car handled this abuse well. A little miffed all of our insurance premiums just went up.
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    Jeep Wrangler Magneto EV

    Would definitely make room in the stable and add one. Which one to drive though? Choices, choices...
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    Side Mirror Issue?

    It happens
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    Suggested Improvement Request (SIR) - enable specific GPS location(s) to exclude from auto-lock/chirp

    FWIW - I agree with OP. I have come back to find my car unlocked while out and about. I routinely look back to see if it locked now. I wish the chirp were an artificial chime or beep as well.
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    OTA Update 4/8/2021 - Have You Noticed What's Changed?

    Yes, forgot to mention that. They are different models however.
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    I Think I’ve Figured Out PaaK

    I am ready for a second fob as well. Currently on back order with no eta. Over the last 14 years i had completely forgotten what it was like to fiddle around with keys. I simply put the fob in my pocket and approached the car. Worked every time. Sounds like the promise of PaaK, right? I...
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    OTA Update 4/8/2021 - Have You Noticed What's Changed?

    I got the update a week and a half ago. Something happened overnight however. I have been “living with” PaaK reliability issues since I took delivery (hoping that telematics were providing useful data to Ford). Today my car and phone will not negotiate Bluetooth PaaK at all. I had to use...
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    Attention From Gawkers?

    It’s actually better imho. I was on two jets this week, an A321 and Boeing 737-800. Neither take off was as much fun as my MachE launch ;).
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    One less question to answer...
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    You've had yours for a while. Now show your favorite Mach-E picture(S) so far.

    Mach e @ night Been a while since I was a soccer dad...
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    Lane Keeping, ACC, darkness, and rain

    Fine mist confuses ACC sonar on our Camry and it disengages with no backup available. Hard rain interestingly doesn’t. No lane centering on that car, so no ping pong. Kudos to Ford for having cruise control that supports three modes and can fall back to “standard” operation in rain from my...
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    Seattle/PNW E-Ride Out

    Are we up for tomorrow or not? Ellie’s washed and ready which insures we’ll get the rain that’s forecast. Happy to wait for a better weekend.
  17. MailGuy

    Adaptive Cruise Control - How Much Do You Trust it?

    Yep, I find Whisper to be quite enjoyable. ACC reacts nicely and I also feel pulling up to a stop light is a smoother hold transition with 1PD on.