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    Audi Q4 revealed

    🤪 ROFL 🤪
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    Huge screen with zero Entertainment options !

    Do your spouse, friends, family accompany you on road trips? Maybe share an experience rather than each dive into your own screen. I have always suggested being able to cast the phone rather than have Ford reinvent wheel would be best. [Tesla’s effort to bring YouTube & Netflix to the center...
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    Foiled by CarPlay!

    Howard hasn't been worth listening too since Billy West left.
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    Mach-E vs Model Y range tests [by EVDave]

    he drove his MY 10 miles beyond 0% for both the 75 & 56 mph tests His MY results were 280 & 220 at 0% He did not not drive the MME to 0%. In the 75 mph test.
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    Got new shoes - OEM wheels from a Jaguar F-Pace

    In the winter, narrow tires are better under extreme conditions as they provide higher surface pressure against the road. Narrow tires also work better than wider ones in loose snow and slush. Wider tires, for their part, will offer more grip on hard surfaces
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    Mach E vs the Ioniq 5

    This looks like an econobox]
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    Modely Y Falls Short on yet another real world range test

    You don’t need to hit the i. Err to the right and you’ll never call back another extended warranty salesman again.
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    Top Speed of MachE
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    Within remorse period, am I being too nit picky?

    If it predicts 209 miles you will be able to actually drive 230.
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    Sell car and wait for Mach-E?

    Used prices will fall off fast as the chip supply gets sorted. Creative minds have been working on that resolution for a few months already. It will be resolved before an ordered MME is delivered. You have a second car. Sell the Clarity. Then get on the phones.
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    Sell car and wait for Mach-E?

    The five days is not dodgy. No business will give an open ended offer. The number may well be the same in five days, but too far out brings too many variables into the mix. Five days is respectful. Similar to CarMax.
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    What is the "L" setting on the "gear" selector

    If you are careful in your braking all the time you can regain most of the lost momentum without using one pedal. However with one-pedal off and 'coasting' or using L mode, I will notice the brake coach does not always indicate 100% recovery of energy. So I am not as efficient as the one-pedal...
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    Does Disabling Reverse Brake Assist Disable Reverse Sensing?

    Similar problem for me with my drive.... Suggest....disable one-pedal driving if enabled. This will allow the car to 'coast' down the driveway more easily. Less hurky-jerky motion as you are reversing. Then, although this may sound counter-intuitive, as you keep speeds low accelerate...
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    Ford Options + X Plan Questions

    Without the appropriate options the Select does not have the Assisted Driving Hardware and therefore would not receive the $100 credit.
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    How does your Frunk drain?

    Every review seems to mention it, but has anyone tried it out?
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    Some reports suggest disabling the E-heater when DC Fast Charging to improve the charging speed, thereby reducing the charging time. I would suggest doing so will only help when the E-heater would actually be called on to heat the cabin. When it is available but not active should not affect...
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    Ford Option financing question

    The $1,000 will roughly cover the difference in interest charged at 2.25% over three years compared to what you would pay in interest at .9% [straight financing Ford offers for good credit] over 3 years. Monthly payment is much higher with straight financing, but you own the car. Lower payment...