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  1. Snowbolster

    Random names people call your car?

    Had a funny experience. Was driving in my neighborhood and saw a car from the opposite lane is waving at me to stop. So stopped and the guy starts the convo. Guy: Hi sir, I'm a huge ford fan, does it worth the money? Me: I don't know, but I like it. The guy: its the new 4 door mustang...
  2. Snowbolster

    Real world range, charging and experience 1 week in

    Have the car for 1 week now and wanted to share some real world figures and expectations. The car is SR RWD. 1. My usual commute involves around 70% high way and 30% city commute. 2. My real world usage averages out at 2.7 to 3 m/kwh based on a day and that is on whisper mode with no 1...
  3. Snowbolster

    Home link connection to gate opener?

    So I was able to program homelink to my garage opener but it wont program to the gate opener. Was someone successful in connecting to gate opener? #firstworldproblems
  4. Snowbolster

    SELENA is home (SR, RWD, IB Pony) and my 2 cents

    Yesterday I finally took the car home after it's 3 month travel time from Mexico. I think I'll start with the buying experience and then move into good and bad first impressions. So I decided to buy using the 36 month options plan. The dealer allegedly did such a transaction already so I...
  5. Snowbolster

    Someone on FB MachE group got their car!

    Their ETA was Feb 5th and they got it today. I'm jealous.
  6. Snowbolster

    The Ultimate Mach-E Insurance Quotes Thread

    Hi All, As more ponies are starting to find their for ever stables, it's more important than ever to know what is a fair insurance quote for your new stallions. After taking a glance at other threads I didn't really found a detailed info about the quotes people get. So in order for us to...
  7. Snowbolster

    Shipping status changed

    Checked my Ford tracker randomly today and my status changed from in production to awaiting shipment. Car was produced 12/11. Live in bay area. Will continue to update once dates are available
  8. Snowbolster

    Sticker available

    Hey Guys, So my build week was 11/29 and today 12/2 the window sticker is finally available. The car is SR RWD Premium. Order no 5XXX. There is no change on Ford website and it still just says in production. No update whether it started production or not but normally they sticker indicates that...
  9. Snowbolster

    Remote features of Mach E?

    So not sure if it was discussed before but I don't remember stumbling on any info about the remote features. Will it have summon mode? Move back, forward from the app? Remote parking?
  10. Snowbolster

    Thoughts & pics from today's Mach-E Event 10-22-2020 @ San Leandro, CA!

    Finally got to see the Mach-e in person today. It was one California Route 1 Star white and an Infinite Blue Premium. Here are some of my thoughts: 1) The white interior looks more luxurious than the black one. 2) The perforated seats feel cooler to seat on than the solid ones, so for the...
  11. Snowbolster

    Sent a feedback note to Darren Palmer

    I decided to ping Darren Palmer last week on Linkedin without hoping for any reply on his end. He doesn't know me and most people ignore messages from random folks on Linkedin. I was lucky enough and he actually replied. I asked him to tell the team to add the Sentry mode, dog mode, Caraoke...
  12. Snowbolster

    Trunk space side by side compare with Model Y and Mach E

    The one on the left is Model Y and the left is Mach E. I'm starting to ackhnowledge the fact that the Mach E might just be too small for a family with 2 small kids. I'm very eager to order mine but I think it's probably not a realistic car for me. What do you guys think?
  13. Snowbolster

    Dealer reached out to convert reservation (CA)

    Hey guys, Wanted to update that my dealer Ford San Leandro has sent me an email yesterday about converting the reservation to order. Didn't have a chance to speak with them yet and will update after I do. For background, I probably have one of the first reservations since put a deposit 5 min...
  14. Snowbolster

    Wait for Mach-E or not?

    So with all that is going on these days, I have been really trying think whether it makes sense to continue with my Mach-E reservation or not. As a little background, I have reserved one probably 5 minutes after they opened the reservation website so I'm very bullish on the car. I was hoping to...