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  1. TheSeg

    Transferring Custom Plates & Pending Renewal

    My existing 2007 Focus SES I plan to trade in with custom plates is up for renewal + SMOG. As the due date edges against when my Mach-E will arrive, I wanted to make sure I got my plan and contingency set in place. Information: My current 2007 Ford Focus SES will be traded in towards my Mach-E...
  2. TheSeg

    Car Cover Recommendations

    Seaking recommendations for a car cover to fit the Mach-E. I'll outline my needs, but if folks have different needs, share them! I'll try to be a good OP and update this post with recommendations that bubble up. Seg's Needs for a Car Cover: I confess that I'm not a car collector level of...
  3. TheSeg

    Ford Mach-E Reservation Details Viewer

    If your Mach-E Reservation page shows a build week, you can likely get your VIN! Ford Mach-E Reservation Details Viewer It's ugly, there's a few steps to take to get to the data, but at the end you'll be able to get your VIN. I even generate a barcode your FordPass app will accept. Notes: You...
  4. TheSeg

    Ford Connected Charge Station: What are the unique features?

    What does the Ford Connected Charge Station add that other EVSEs don't? So far, this is what I gathered as unique to this product (in relationship to using it with a Mach-E). If more are found and documented, I'll edit this OP accordingly. Integrating UI with the FordPass app. Instead of a...